Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ISIS: What is it ? Who is it? And how much is it?

I remember America tried to bury the term ISIS but that proved impossible. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria but most readers would simply understand the term as a name of a fearful terror group that has tentacles in many regions.

France has declared war on ISIS after the recent Paris attacks. Russia also declared that ISIS will be hunted down every where after it was confirmed that the Russian passenger plane was brought down by an ISIS planted bomb on the plane. America wants to side along her NATO friend France in avenging the Paris massacres.

What is ISIS ?
It is a nation proclaimed by extremist Islamists who believe that there can be a great Muslim nation to be headed by a Caliph. A Caliphate centred in Syria and Iraq. Possibly there is something about such a Islamic nation in the Koran. Many young Muslims seem to believe in this Koranic dream and therefore, there is no dearth in new recruits for this cause and dream.

Who is ISIS ?
That is the difficult answer. There is no such nation, therefore, there cannot be such citizens. And yet today New Yorkers, Parisians and Londoners sleep less easy because of this kind of phantom nation and people called ISIS.

How much is ISIS ?
For the Western Front lead by America, ISIS is the consequences of all the chaos and war of terror inflicted callously upon Iraq , Libya and Syria. The life of the nation and the populace in these nations have been turned inside out if not outrightly killed and destroyed. The Palestinians are corralled and killed by American armed State of Israel and so many Muslims lie oppressed under pro American Rulers in the Middle East. It is not difficult to visualise the size of disgruntled population of Muslims who feel they are victims of other races and powers. But just how much among them truly believe that their salvation and dignity  lies in carving out a Caliphate under a Caliph from the shores of Arabian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, is yet to define.

ISIS is described as extremist Islamists.  One could say the very Terror among Terrorist. A clan of people prepared to do extreme deeds in the attempt to  achieve their objectives. In courage they are comparable to Japanese suicide pilots who dived upon the American warships with their planes during the Second World War. Like the Tamil lady who garlanded Rajiv Gandhi with explosive decked flowers and hugged him to set off the ignition. Like the Polish cavalry that charged the German tanks, on horse backs. But unlike all the foolhardy incredible brave hearts, the ISIS posses a sophisticated mind of modern war strategies including use of social media and mass human psychology.

Till now the Powers that be restricted themselves to containing ISIS advances in Syria and Iraq. France joined America to contain ISIS forces in Syria. And Russia came to the rescue of her ally President Assad of Syria and therefore attacked forces including that of ISIS which were gaining grounds against Assad in Syria. However, the recent retaliations conducted by ISIS in downing the Russian passenger plane and the Paris attacks have called for elimination of ISIS.

Could ISIS be eliminated by a combined forces of NATO, Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia and her Arab Allies? For the time being, ISIS potency would be reduced but elimination is not possible. The consequences of intolerance and destruction and humiliation of human and national dignity cannot be erased or eliminated until such acts cease. As long as aggression upon society and nations take place, grievances will deepen and resentments will give rise to counter forces conveniently named terrorist groups.

After the initial furore and avenging acts of aerial bombardments of supposed ISIS strongholds, the Powers that be, must sit down with the United Nations and work towards finding a solution to ending the wars of aggression and régime changing policies and start respecting human and national dignity of the aggrieved Countries and persecuted minorities. Remove the salt from the water and sea water can be drunk. Likewise address the grievances of aggrieved societies and grounds for terrorism will abate.


  1. ISIS is a by-product of American government's middle east policy. George Bush (son) waged war on Iraq on a false pretext that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Recently it has come to light that Tony Blair collaborated with Bush and is guilty of causing so much death and destruction to Iraq. If there is true justice both these leaders could be tried at Hague for war crimes, but unfortunately Hague seems to prosecute African leaders.
    After Saddam Hussein was killed, his army was disbanded. ISIS has many of its top terrorist leaders from the disbanded army of Saddam Hussein. Then came Libya, Gaddafi was murdered too. Syria is next in line for America's regime change policy. If it was not for Assad's powerful allies like Russia and Iran, Assad would have met the same fate as Saddam and Gaddafi.
    American government's policy of playing terrorist cards has resulted to refugee crisis in Europe and terrorism. The only hope is Russian president Putin who called american policy a bluff. An the UNGA he announced that the situation in the world has reached an intolerable level and that Russia will act against terrorism. Next day, Russia started bombing the terrorists in syria. Russians were so effective that its bombings in one month achieved much more than what the americans and her 65 allies couldn't in a year.

    1. It is has been truly pointed out that it all due to american dirty politic.

  2. The world has turned into a dangerous political circus with so many clowns trying to kill each each other. It is so scary to think what will happen next after the attack in Paris.