Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tributes and nostalgia of 60 years of a royal life.

The BBS produced memorial documentary  of 60 years of the life of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo is very heart touching. Hearing the words of two Lyonpos their Excellences Kinzang Dorji and Leki Dorji and others describing parts of the golden years that they too had the honour and privilege of serving and witnessing the great King in action, is like watching the sun rising in tribute and again the sun setting in nostalgia.

His Majesty touched the lives of so many in so much ways. The affection was far and wide , near and close by, personal and public. Bhutan and Bhutanese were the inspirations of His Majesty during days and dreams of his nights. King Jigme Singye Wangchuck has been always a Guru, Father,Friend and Guide to his nation and people.

Many have said that the King did what ever deeds for the nation. This understanding is vital for the Kingdom of Bhutan and the people to, hereafter, develop unity in diversity. The national goal in preserving the culture and tradition, the heart wrenching issue of genuine citizens and illegal residents in Southern Bhutan, the perils of ULFA BODO expulsion campaign, the Bhutan China Border Treaty, the Indo Bhutan renegotiation of 1949 Treaty,the vision of National Happiness, the installation of the constitutional Monarch along with the institution of guided Democracy are all for the goodness and the strengthening of the Bhutanese nation so that true citizens have the means and opportunity to develop a national livelihood with human dignity and sovereign prestige.

This King went through the most arduous journeys of national reign only for his Country and his people. Even Triple Gem would have been hard pressed to be more selfless. The sacrifices he made, the visions he believed should enable the people of Bhutan to love in unity, appreciate the diversity of thought and culture and respect and protect individual and national dignity. May Bhutan prosper in national unity, national tolerance and national dignity.

It is not for me to compare the Kings in my life and judge their individual greatness. I deeply revere the Third King, worship the Fourth King and admire the Fifth King. My respects and belief in their Majesties'  devotion to the nation and the Bhutanese is explicit and unshakable.  But it is my hope and also an appeal to Bhutanese of all blood and culture to comprehend the reign of His Majesty King Jigme Singye Wangchuck in the broader light and perspective of the Kingdom and the interest and welfare of whole of Bhutanese people and the Bhutanese nation. Individuals and communities are crucial but the greatness of the wisdom and leadership of the Fourth King lies in his consolidated vision for overall Bhutan and Bhutanese.

I am really happy that His Majesty will soon be able to hold the future sixth King in his arms. May the King live long and able to groom and guide the Crown Prince. May Peace and selfless Confidence prevail in our Kingdom in true royal memorial.

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