Friday, November 20, 2015

The new political scene in India.

Bihar is known as the poorest State in Indian Union but these days India politics is centred in Bihar. Today Nitish Kumar swearing in ceremony had almost all Indian Political parties represented. Its kind of new dawn in politicking. BJP was slain in Bihar and India's much acclaimed Prime Minister Narenda Modi lost out to Chief Minister of impoverished state of Bihar. The choice was between lavish development money by Modi and integrity and quite credentials of Nitesh Kumar. The poor voters of Bihar chose honesty and integrity over vociferous handouts of money and caste Politics. The Coalition headed by Nitesh Kumar was given a thumping majority. It was an ugly earth quake for BJP confidence and RSS caste politics.  And it was  an unimaginable  personal humiliation to Narenda Modi who campaigned extensively and brutally in the Bihar Election.

The big question now is,  Can Bihar formula work in other parts of India? The huge gathering of political figures of various political parties at the Swearing- in- Ceremony of Bihar Chief Minister and his Cabinet suggest that Bihar kind of Politics may be the trend that could suit voter moods elsewhere in India.

I follow Bihar Politics only for my interest in the RJD Chief Mr. Lalu Yadav Prasad. A colourful character in simple attire and blunt talks. Ever since he turned around the commercially money losing infamous Indian Railways into a profitable and customer friendly service giant as UPA I Railway Union Minister, I kept tag of him. Since then his Party was almost wiped out and he was imprisoned on corruption charges relating to fodder scam . He is on bail and not permitted to sit for election. And yet Bihar people has not deserted the man of the down trodden. It was he they claim who gave the poor the necessary political voice and human dignity.  During this Election in Bihar, his Party RJD secured the largest share of Assembly Seats and as icing on the cake both his sons got elected. The Dad and Mom team has been replaced by two sons team. Whatever the future of Politics be, I do hope Lalu will remain afloat and bring beneficial changes for the poor.

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