Friday, December 16, 2016

High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and rudimentary reality.

You are told that such health problems are due to rich oily diet and lack of physical exercise. These are what medical people state with all the confidence that they learnt from what others wrote. Possible that most illness have some sort of relation to  one's own diet and habits. But what happens in real life experience can also be totally contradictory.

It has never been my habit to take morning or evening walks. I always thought sex in bed was far enjoyable than solo aimless or purposeful  walks  Anyway, never had the luxury of time to walk away from domestic morning and evening tasks to go for walks.   I am not physically inactive though I do not normally engage in  physically strenous task. There is no restrictions in my diet. Growing up in a village, you eat whpat is raised on the farm. And now I eat what I like. I am not crazy about rice and chilli curry is not my favourite dish. But I like meat and taste of chilli. And from western diet, I like  ice cream and chocolate. I do not normally drink alcohol but once in a while in festive mood, I do drink beer or wine during celebrations. I do not as yet suffer from blood pressure problems or diabetic ailments.

My wife is a workaholic. She could manage all house chores, domestic animals care and 8 acre paddy fields. I did help out whenever my professional life accommodated.  Looking after the children and my needs are kind of by the way task for her. She never tired looking after us. So she has been physically and mentally  over active.   She is everywhere and everything. Her taste in food are very simple. If there is rice and ema datsi ( chilli cheese dish), she craves for no other. She doesn't even like cakes that much. And yet today she has both blood pressure and diabetic problems. Still physically active and managing all our home needs.

My dad died at 96 years of age. He was a tough farmer. He was not alcoholic but he did drink and enjoyed it too. He could down a bottle of whisky in a night even at age 90 and suffer no hangover. He had such good health. He died kind of physically young. I remember with amazement that he used to walk from Haa to Paro over the hills to meet relatives or  just to get fresh green chilli supply. He was 86 then. 

My life experiences taught me that death is dictated at the time of your birth. And your illness has more to do with your body constituents gifted at birth than your living  habits.  You will die when your time comes no matter what you do to prevent it. Also  your quality of life may have more to do with your mental state rather than physical exercises.

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