Thursday, December 8, 2016

This damned BBIN Agreement and Bhutanese Parliament.

I read with amusing interests what their Excellecies the Foreign Minister and Home Minister said in the National Assembly on behalf of BBIN Agreement.  People must understand that the Cabinet of Bhutan is declaring that salt is as sweet as sugar to get BBIN Agreement ratified. The Bhutanese Cabinet is under regional pressure so it is under duress that Cabinet Ministers take such stand. The MPs must forgive them and scrap the Agreement.

Bhutan is surrounded by China and India. Geographically and therefore,  economically,  India is even more pivotal than China. The recently renewed Trade and Transit Agreement between Bhutan and India takes care of all Bhutanese needs. In case of electricity export to Bangladesh from Bhutan, the same has to go via Indian grid. And that will depend on India and Bangladesh relationship not BBIN Agreement. Export and import of other goods are already happening between Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal without BBIN Agreement and things will be fine as long as India is happy. And if India is unhappy then as in the case of Nepal Blockade, even the Bhutan India Trade and Transit Agreement will not guarantee movement of goods between Bhutan and India. An Agreement is worthless if the larger Party wishes to break it.

BBIN Agreement has only one purpose. That is to snub Pakistan. And it will have tsunami impact on Bhutanese national security, social, economic and political structures. Bhutan just does not have the capacity to absorb and manage the immense and hugely diverse overwhelming influx of everything that BBIN floods into the country.

Bhutanese need not care about Pakistan. India and Pakistan will always be hugging and stabbing each other.  But there is a responsibility for Bhutanese to look out for our self national interests. Forget personal self interest of pleasing your Bosses, your Political Parties and even Bhutanese Trucks and Taxis. Just stand United against regional invasion. 

Bhutan fears India for one reason. Bhutan wants to be the best of friend with India for the same reason. And that reason is Bhutan values her sovereignty and way of national life. BBIN Agreement is one night stand that is going to make Bhutan a life time prostitute. Prostitution is for ecomic reliance. It does not enhance individual freedom or national sovereignty.  Prostitution does not preserve individual or national dignity.

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