Friday, December 30, 2016

President Obama and perhaps his last strategy hits plateau of despair.

An outgoing most popular modern time United States President of 2 terms, Barack Obama would have like to have ended his 8 years term on a high note in international affairs if not in domestic.   Afterall America is the self acclaimed super world leader.

But the last 2 months of November and December, 2016  has been failures at home and abroad. His Democratic Party lost both Presidential Election and Congress Election. The Republican Party under Trump Tsunami swept both Senate and House of Representatives and Hillary Clinton was soundly  defeated in her confident race to the White House.

Middle East turmoil has been American stage for so many decades and both President Bush (Republican)  and Obama ( Democrat)  Presidencies saw wars conflagrate from Iraq to Libya extending to Syria. The influx of refugees into Europe from Middle East troubled nations overwhelmed European Countries. A force known as ISIS over shadowed all efforts of American led Western Allies in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Against this background,  an outgoing American President would have badly wanted to be associated with the peace process going on in Syria. But it is Russia and Turkey that brokered a Truce between Syrian Government Force and the Opposition Force. America was not invited. And unfortunately for Obama,  the Truce has very good chance of paving  the path to permanent peace. And President Trump has been invited in the next round of Peace Talks scheduled deliberately a month hence. On 20th January, 2017, Obama leaves and Trump comes in at the White House. 

Obama Administration retaliated against this Middle East ( more precisely West Asia ) political snub from Russia by following up on  Washington allegations against Russia on cyber attacks to " influence American Presidential Election"( unproven) . A feeble diplomatic sanction has been imposed against Russia through Executive Order by President Obama. The sanction included expelling 35 Russian Diplomats from United States.

However, President Putin outplayed President Obama again. The Russian Leader refused to retaliate in kind. Thus laying a solid diplomatic ground for President Trump to reverse the Executive Order of Obama in 3 weeks time.

Obama's Administration tried to counter the Russian and Turkey peace initiative in Syria by creating one of their own in West Bank. The Security Council passed a resolution declaring Israel Settlements in West Bank to be illegal with United States abstaining and not vetoing the resolution. That, too , backfired somewhat with Israel accusing United States of orchestrating the resolution and President Elect Trump  publicly telling Israel to be strong till 20th January. However,  there is a silver lining in that the UN Resolution cannot be reversed by Trump with an Executive Order. But it's impact can be nullified by a pro- Israel Washington.  

So unless something dramatic happens giving President Obama a parting gift, the first black President is going to create another historic precedent- leaving the White House roundly defeated  in all fields:  Congress, National Policies and International affairs.

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