Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BBS and BICMA in public battle.

According to Kuensel headline News today, the BBS Managing Director is refusing to comply with BICMA decisions and seeking media tribunal intervention. Can BBS Managing Director get Media Tribunal to change Section 111 (1) of the Act in reference? If not BBS has to pay up the penalty.

There is one demand that BICMA need not have insisted upon. That is requiring the Managing Director of BBS himself having to present explanation in person. What difference does it make whether the explanation is presented by the CEO or the General Manager who is  directly in charge of News  production or a Manager from BBS. A case of ego clash? The fact that no explanation was submitted is altogether a different ball game.

Both Posts of CEO at BBS and Kuensel are political posts in the sense that these two are filled by the Government in reign. Thus the CEOs would have political capital stock. However, is it in national interest for these two main stream media to blatantly disregard rules in place and make a mockery of the Agencies that are responsible to uphold Acts passed by the Parliament ?

This is the second public incident of BBS Managing Director directly challenging the mandate of Government Agencies. The 1st was an order issued by Ministry of Labour relating to recruitment procedure lapses following a complaint by a BBS employee.

The issues here are not just whether the dabblers in social media or main stream media journalists and editors want to run the nation but whether a political appointee would ever feel the responsibility to respect the responsibilities and mandate of national Agencies. A lot depends on the Government or the  Cabinet that makes such political appointees.

People do not have to like the laws and can make efforts to change or amend but everyone especially in responsible positions must comply with existing laws or face the consequences of paying penalties in cash or prison. And anyone willing to go to prison for his and her belief has a chance of becoming a hero but anyone going to prison for misdeeds is a criminal. 

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