Saturday, January 7, 2017

Education Ministry and education reforms.

What started as some much warranted corrections of school  text books has now been taken over by once again talking about academic seasons and holidays.

Now Education Ministry wants to further shorten the Winter break. It was brought from March to Feburary and now to January?

The nation as a whole have joyous reasons to celebrate national occasions and such celebrations can be whole heartedly celebrated where ever one is. There is no need to time beginning of Winter School Break after the National Day on 17th December and start the academic session in time for Royal Birth Day. What happens if the 7th King is born on 15th January?

Both old and young would want to celebrate national days. And student even during school breaks are going to be within the country. The Dzongkhag Education Officers just have to announce  invitations for participation and make arrangements. The students on holidays would love to have the opportunities to actively  participate in their respective Dzongkhag March Pasts and other celebratory events.  And all family members especially parents of such students would be so proud to come and watch and celebrate the occassions with their loved ones actively participating.

On our lips we carry thousand words  expressing importance of youth and education. Then we keep changing academic subjects, provide different level of school facilities to students thus introducing the caste of privileged and under privileged,  makes our schools the guinea pig for various Western or Singaporean experiments  and play sing song with academic sessions  and school breaks. Ofcourse the authorities have " All the right and great reasons ". Even Hitler had great reasons " to make Germany great again". 

In the end everything becomes " cha- le- ga". These capricious and partiality  and haphzard decisions ultimately mould the characters and minds of youth.  And what we get are confused products of rainbow characters and thoughts. 


  1. I love reading your blogs.
    It's like your speaking out mind

  2. Your blog always carry the measures and reminders....