Sunday, January 1, 2017

New year 1st January, 2017, frank random thoughts on social and political aspects in Bhutan and in life.

New year 1st January, 2017, frank random thoughts on social and political aspects in Bhutan and in life.

1. You actually can serve yourself, the Nation, the People and the King through working honestly hard to move forward in life;  respecting other's human rights and material belongings and public property;  or even by simple things like not spitting out doma juice or getting rid of your unwanted things or rubbishes in proper ways. But this way, no one will notice your service to the Tsawa Sum.

2. So to move forward in life quite a many may have still have to resort to noticeable acts that serve  self beneficial deeds. Recite Tsawa Sum like a mantra in every inbetween sentences, stand by the boss not by official or national responsibility, enrich through every legal, illegal or favouritism/chamchagiri ways. Social and political circumstances can be very compelling. It's not so sinful so forgive yourself in dreams.

3. The most emotional and social issue for affected families may still be citizenship. It may  be the most sensitive and delicate matter for the authority also. The authority just cannot afford to give citizenship to wrong persons. It is not like justice where the saying is,"  better to let go 100 criminals than convict one innocent".  We may be in a kind of ironic situation where it may be practically easier for a socially well connected complete foreign strangers of white race with few years Bhutan residency to qualify for Bhutanese citizenship than a child given birth by an original Bhutanese mother in Bhutan. Be the child a fruit of one night stand with untraceable  father or  through long  relationship with a partner of deemed different national.

3. Citizendhip is so crucial in the life of a new born or an adult. My one hope of 2017 is that  Bhutanese as a society  spare kind thoughts for the child of a Bhutanese mother or father even as official processes goes on for grant of citizenship. I deeply feel that rightful citizenship could depend on birth perception than actual status in the eyes of the nations and people in general not just in Bhutan and Bhutanese.  For example Mr. Michael Rutland I believe has Bhutanese citizenship and he does faithfully wear the gho the traditional male Bhutanese attire.  But did those facts convince the Prince and Princess of Britain on visit to Bhutan that Michael Rutland was Bhutanese or more importantly could he a born British feel that their Royal Highness were Royal members of a foreign Country. Sorry Sir for citing your case as an example. Just appeared to be an effective citation to stroke deep inner conscience debate ( possibly  to buy sympathy)  for stranded offspring cases of Bhutanese parentage. 

4. In democracy, political legitimacy is more important than any other form of status. Life was more straight forward under absolute Monarchy in Bhutan. That is why today there is a rush to get registered as Political Party, as an NGO and Media Agencies or media person. All these are important world recognised forums/ entity to get views across and assert rights of whatever under the sun. But in the life of a nation that's not everything. It is possible to exercise your democratic voice even as an individual citizen though it is mountain hard. However, one process is real taboo. There is no goodness of service in conducting nation hate missions out to malign all of national institutions as a goal of achieving personal vendatta and to gain social media self fame or ill fame. In the end sincerity and real facts matter more than capability to make social media waves  or damage the nation in some aspects. Hurting the nation wrongfully or even rightfully do not make Bhutan or  Bhutanese life better.  Politics is important, voicing out thoughts are necessary but it is self defeating to accept politics as centre of everything and prostitute citizen principles in pursuit of selfish gains. And worse is seeking foreign assistance/ influence especially of Media or Agencies to settle deemed personal or national  grievances. It should be possible for Bhutanese to bring about progressive changes in any domain  with sincere efforts of Bhutanese origin and nature.

5. In a nation, the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary are indispensable institutions of democratic governance. If as a citizen one find it difficult to cope ( for reasons of birth, different political party or social leaning) with the demands or attitude of those in present command then develop more courage and capacity to weather through their term. Foul mouthing the whole nation and institutions  does no good to any Bhutanese. Seek courage not drama, display wisdom not hysteria. 

6. Ideally the rich and powerful would want the nation to operate on their terms; a lawyer would want a judge of his/ her choice to arbitrate a case; every litigant and defendant would want to win the case but none of these are worthy of moral considerations though one cannot condemn such human desires. However, as a society, it should be possible to sincerely respect the wish of every hard working student to top his/ her class though one knows that it is well neigh impossible. Appreciate and support just for the endeavour and the noble goal. 

7. Fear is predominant in every aspect of life. There is no fearless person only courageous.  Life does not turn out to be so easy even for those seemingly well placed. Taking a leap of faith, walking alone in the dark though scared or simply hoping against hope for better could be paths to better life for ordinary individuals. Under any circumstance, keep that tiny flame of hope and goodness within oneself alight in 2017.

Respect All. Fear All. Most important respect yourself and preserve some self dignity though promoting self conveniences seem the temptation of paramount importance.

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