Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hema Hema or Hgi-ngen Hgi- ngen.

A movie Hema Hema meaning Long long ago. Initially I thought it meant Bamboo Bamboo  ( Hima Hima). The social media and print media carries the story of its banning in Bhutan. So there may be some element of Hgi-ngen Hgi-ngen meaning Insolence Insolence theme that is unpalatable to the Bhutanese official sense of culture and religion.

The Director is venerable Dzongsar Khentse Rimpoche who is well known , intelligent and articulate.The Rimpoche is also a vocal  political and social commentator. The Producer seems to be also an able man. And  BICMA has its  mandate and professionalism.
So the two Parties involved are at par in their abilities and hopefully sense of national and commercial  responsibilities.   And each side would know the context and nature of the film which I have not seen but is said to be a critic delight.

For sure the interest of average movie goer would be different from spiritual followers or faithfuls of Dzongsar Khentse. And the yardstick that  BICMA officials apply to review a movie would be different from that of general movie critics.

In the end what matters is what motivated  the producer and the director to make the movie and what prompted BICMA to bar it in Bhutan. Only the two Parties involved would really be privy to their inner motives and honest reasons. As a third party, I do not take sides based on being or not being a spiritual follower of the venerable Rimpoche. Nor as  a sympathiser or antagonist of BICMA. I favour freedom of expression exercised with reasonable responsibility. What I feel comfortable is that both the movie Director and Producer have the ability to articulate their own thoughts and motives and  BICMA it's own  reasons for the  decision arrived at.

It is not for me to attack BICMA simply because I read many  disagreeing with the decision. Nor do I cast doubt on the intent of the movie makers because BICMA has banned it. Things happen without anyone planning such a consequence. Sometimes one has to move forward and put unpleasant incidents behind.

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