Monday, January 23, 2017

Bhutanese film and their success.

Kushuthara movie piece by Kuensel today is a breath of fresh air. The movie is directed  by a Bhutanese lady. Most probably she is also the producer. The article does not mention the producer. The lead actor is a foreigner.

In the recent debate about Hema Hema, a host of ardent supporters have been trashing the endeavours and products of many worthy Bhutanese film profucers, directors and actors. I do not know why the national producers, directors and actors were subjected to such animosity?  Was it necessary to trash other movies to enhance the image or worthiness of Hema Hema? The fight was supposed to be between BICMA and the producer, the director and supporters of Hema Hema. In the process, why did so many people victimise the products of Bhutanese film industry in general?

I am glad that Kushuthara succeeded in penetrating the foreign concept of good film. I think quite a few other Bhutanese films would have equally received similar foreign admirations, if the initial exposure was possible. Kushuthara's lead actor origin may have helped to get that door opened which many other Bhutanese films were unable to. What Kushuthara has demonstrated is that other Bhutanese apart from Dzongsar Khentse are capable of producing films of good standard and such quality will be recognised if only initial international exposure was achieved. 

I do not question the capability of Dzongsar Khentse in film industry. However, the venerable Trulku has far more network of connection in the outside world and therefore, his film or any other endeavour has better chance of getting exposure than that of other Bhutanese  film directors. It is viciously unhealthy and narrow prejudice of his supporters to trash other Bhutanese films for the purpose of glorifying Hema Hema. And I humbly beg to state that I found it rather unholy of the venerable Khentse to maintain silence whilst the endeavours and products of other Bhutanese producers, directors and actors were trashed in the name of Hema Hema. 

Talking of Hema Hema, it's supporters and innocent victims, I am looking attentively towards the decision of film tribunal to which BBS managing director is supposed to have put up his appeal. He is a capable and seasoned person. I never doubted his ability to reach executive position in any field he chose to pursue. However, here I see a clear breach of BICMA Act by BBS.  May not have been intentional. If the rule says a film cannot be broadcast unless approved by BICMA, it means that. A new film is never broadcast in entirety unless rights are bought by a TV station. And publicising via way of few seconds of showing parts of the film seen in some 40 countries ( was told that BBS reaches that many countries)  is a breach.  I also am against a Government Agency in this case BICMA Director General  demanding homage along with explanation from Managing Director of BBS.

In the overall national administration , if a political  appointee executive of a national body  keeps challenging the authority of another national Agency, we have a broken system.  This cannot go on. I mean political heavy weights just have to stop backing such disruptive trends.

I do not have opinion on Hema Hema as a film and it's masks. Generally I practise free speech  and expressions. And I do not do so for vengeance or publicity or personal objectives. But I feel disgusted with supporters of Hema Hema for trashing the whole of non Dzongsar Khentse Bhutanese film industry. I am also interested as a matter of valuable information and reference as to how many Bhutanese films have been publicly screened outside Bhutan and then later got approval from BICMA for screening within Bhutan. If the concerned producer went about a wrong process, penalise for this error but not take it out on the actual product.    

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