Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A true national joyous celebration.

An authentic national euphoria of celebration for young Bhutanese souls on the occassion of the 1st Birth Anniversary of HRH the Crown Prince would have been:

A commitment by Education Ministry to endeavour to provide PP seats to all who have completed 5 Years of age on 1st March, 2017.

Instead Education Ministry chose to freeze the occassion in the minds of the students by mandating that Schools open early in the cold weather from 3rd February, 2017. 

The way our Crown Prince is growing, HRH would be in Class I or II certainly not  in PP by the 5th Birth Anniversary. Such visible physical growth progress of Bhutanese children in this era should convince the Education Ministry that the mandatory completion of 6th birth anniversary for admission into PP is simply not in the interest of growth of young minds. Unless ofcourse we believe in cold storaging growth by forcing schooling in wintry months. 

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  1. Rightly said sir. Even the officers sitting inside a cozy office with full-on heater in between the legs don't make lives easy. The children and even teachers going to classrooms and schools would freeze them. There's even a chance they will get lifelong illnesses. 90% of schools in Bhutan fall under cold regions.