Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Understanding a little of our vibrant entertainment industry.

I should not be writing again today. But then it's holiday time and some events just spark their own vibes. So here goes again.

You have no way to realise how hard some really work and plough their way to recognition. Maybe one thinks that Tandin Bidha the scintillating Bhutanese actress can smile her way into any goal or producer/ director Pem Tshering is immune to movie success. One cannot be more wrong and last night at BNFA award, it was a moment of truth ( courtesy BBS live telecast).

Tandin Bidha was so emotional about finally making it to the best actress of the year after " ten long years of hard work ". Congratulations!  And Pem Tshering after 21 years in the movie making business was thrilled that his movie was one of the selected  three top films that also received BICMA's  cash price of Nu:1 million each.

I am very proud and appreciative about the incredible progresses achieved by collective efforts of so many artists in Bhutanese movies and music. But I confess,  I know so little about the artists and particularly their depth of endeavour in the success stories. My interaction with almost all is through BBS telecast except for very few.

I knew Dasho Gem Dorji. After he became an MP, I told him not to remain a stranger to his acting profession as it was his very own. Glad he is at it. Never met Tandin Bidha and only had one brief talk with producer Pem Tshering wherein he told me he was into movies. The one actress I followed with some interest was Lhaki Dolma. I did not meet her but I know her Dad and her brother ( not venerable Tsula Lopen but the engineer brother). This lady  can sing, dance and act well. I have met the Beauty Queen and actress Tshokey Tsomo Karchung. Always impressed with her personal humility and professional successes. Another top dynamo of ceaseless hard workers in our entertainment industries.

The one pioneer movie and music personality  that I came to know a little is Ngedrup Dorji. I think of him as an adventurer and explorer who shows the way but maybe like all explorers in history books, he, too, does not reap rich monetary harvest. But abilities he is all of it. I wonder who first came into rigsar?  Aum Dechen Pem or Ngedrup?  Presently Ugyen Pandey seems to be ruling the young roost of rigsar professionals.  

All in all,  there is no shortage of composers, singers, musicians, actors and audience if numbers of Bhutanese films and TV song competition programmes are our measuring yardsticks. And altogether the entertainment industries provides one nation binding venue that enables social integration and highlight the Bhutanese ways in all spheres of national life and progressive culture.

Thank you and congratulations to President of BNFA Mila Tobgay and his fellow colleague Organisers for the 16th Award Show. Congratulations to Award Winners, Nominees and all Participants in  Films and Musical industries. It was a great night graced by the honourable Prime Minister. The national commitment to build cinema halls is great for films and live shows. I feel entertainment halls will prove to be  the real concrete contribution towards promoting the entertainment Industries of Bhutan. .    

The hosts: Kuenga, Lhaki and Gem " You three steered and entertained superbly". Great Showmanship in Live Performance!

With reverence to all artists from a person who cannot sing, dance or act. Nevertheless, in my youth, I could skip a meal to save money  for a good movie. My first noble possession was a tape recorder cum radio to listen to news and music. 

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