Sunday, February 19, 2017

What Democracy is and what it entails.

Today is the 3rd Phase of State Election in Uttar Pradesh the largest State in Indian Union. Election in Uttar Pradesh State is being conducted in 4 Phases.

Today the 3rd Phase is being  conducted in 12 Districts with 24 million voters. And it  involves 69 Seats with over 800 candidates in the fray.

Just learning to imagine the vastness of the largest world democracy when an election in 1/4 section of a State is so gigantic. 

Foot note:

It is said that this Uttar Pradesh State Election will determine the effect on BJP of the demonitisation policy of Prime Minister Modi Government. But for me,  I am just waiting to see the impact on SP and Congress alliance and the family feud in SP of a rising healthy son versus the aging frail father. How do the voters of Uttar Pradesh view family feud for power and political alliance of temporary convenience ?

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