Sunday, February 26, 2017

Losar Greetings.

Dear all fb friends

I wish each one of you and your families a very Happy Losar! 

May I also share a small personal thought. Dawa Dhangpa is always considered in Buddhism a holy month though I have till date never restricted my diet to observe the occasion. I became a Buddhist by birth. Not by any outside compulsion or inner desire to gain merit. So I feel free of any obligation to prove being a Buddhist. 

I hope to spent time to pray for my near and dear ones as well as for beloved ones who have departed for the next world. I will read the Dhoma and Jhathom and recite mainly Diksha.  Cannot comprehend the meanings in  these scriptures but I usually  read clearly each word as I believe this would benefit those who believe. A matter of faith.

Regarding meat diet and alcohol, I think moderation is alright though complete refrain is good for many. However, I am not a person who believe in doing what others do nor  expect others to follow  what I do or do not choose to do. I cherish truth and tolerance when I read what His Holiness the Dalai Lam said about meat diet. His Holiness stated that he tried giving up meat for 10 years but later because of his health condition, he followed the advice for his medical doctors and resumed non vegetarian diet. However, His Holiness said that if one can give up meat, it is good.

On my part,  I hope to refrain from meat diet this holy month. Tobacco and alcohol is easily abandoned. As for sex, it is a joy of marriage and I am happily more than married.

Some Buddhist believe in earning merit through abstaining be it meat, tobacco, sex, normal earthly work or family responsibities.This can be accepted as  admirable in a way. Some believe in gaining merit by chiding others about meat diet and alcohol. Maybe, that too is a way of paving their path to the next world.
A matter of mind.

Some may admire the ways of Drukpa Kuenlay. Do all in excess but remain pure in thought and action. I think performing miracles or being excessive  like Drukpa Kuenlay is beyond ordinary being. However, being truthful and having good thought is possible.

I usually pray for strength of being honest and seek guidance in faith and truth. And this month  I devote in prayers  for expressing my  gratitude to gifts of life and love and good health of the beloved family members.

May we all earn merit in our own ways and be content thus far. With respects and regards to all of you. Hopefully,  will be in communication after Dawa Dhangpa.  Till then humbly Wangcha Sangey..


  1. Well written la..Happy Losar to you la.

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