Monday, February 20, 2017

Ignorance is not a bliss when Ignorance rules the roost.

Schools have tracksuits as sports uniform. The defence forces, Dessung, Forest officials, Revenue and Custom officials, Security firm Officials, Football Teams and Olympic Teams etc. all have uniforms. And all those wearing uniforms stand proudly in attention and sing along as and when the  national anthem is sung.

Today BBS Televion shared a News about Pemagatsel Dzongkhag Tsogdue decrying students in sportswear paying respects to the national flag and anthem in their Schools.

It seems the local government officials of Pemagstsel  Dzongkhag wear their respect for the nation on sleeves of their gho and tego. Perhaps such elected officials realised how important the outer facade is in their line of duty. Well good luck to such Bhutanese including those at Culture Department if the proposed Culture Bill is of such nature. 

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