Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Casualities at the top of political Parties.

Dasho Neten Zangmo's offer of  resignation from Presidency of BKP Party was a foregone conclusion. All past Presidents of unsuccessful elections have resigned. But in her case, many false hearts must also share the blame along with her. So many in social media and her own social circle paid too much  lip service homage to her decade long tenure at the ACC. All turned out to be superficial in essence. And in her make believe world, she thought all she had to do was declare her intention to be the Prime Minister of anti corruption image.  I genuinely expected her to do better than she behaved at the Primary Party presidential debate. I wish her well, hereafter.

Anyway,  the entertaining trophy of Primary election  debate still belongs to BKP Samtse candidate another constitutional post holder. Now Bhutanese public cannot be blamed having misgivings about poor selections in few constitutional post holders. And ofcourse the super trophy of silence for final round election debate goes to North Paro DNT candidate. North Paro voters especially the Bondey side underscored the essence of Bhutanese democracy. They have chosen silent representation in the Parliament. I am sure that DPT candidate of North Paro is not just heart broken but structure felled unless he comes around to appreciate the honest wisdom of the voters. But ofcourse MP Ugyen Tshering will not be silent for he has found his voice again. 

Democracy has lots of humour both sweet and sour tales. But it is worth our time and imagination. I honour and admire all who give a shot at personal prospects in life at both the general and local elections. Sorry that one tends to remember only the winners of today. But the rich experience will be for all  the braves to reap. And so is the associated risks of jobs at hand and related investments of time and money.

Good bye 2018 election fever. Thank you ECB. And BBS Team thank you for that nerve wrecking 20- 20 display national  tease. Woh ! Haha ha !  BBS almost changed the fate of democracy in Bhutan.

From tomorow, we dedicate to a new government with a new cabinet. Bhutan as a nation has to win in unity. . And may the fresh cabinet team headed by Prime Minister His Excellency Lotay Tshering be guided well by our People's King and blessed by Druk Chhoe Chongs. The people have chosen and for once in the beginning the Tsawa Sum must be prepared to give adequate  space and offer prayers for the success of the Bhutanese 3rd democratic government.      

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  1. Sir Wangcha Sangey Why Our election always being rigged in front of the media nose and reporter ask for the break?