Saturday, November 10, 2018

Home Ministry is not just culture and religion.

O O mine 18th century Bhutan. Culture and Religion the goals of new government Home Ministry!  Sounds we are in for more discipline and disharmony. Maybe we could slow down on more dictates about dzongkhag , gho, kira, kamni and rachu and beliefs.  There is so much overflowing progression in these supposed needs, wants and dictates. How about concentrating some ministerial efforts on building social harmony, freedom of expression and secularism, tackling drug and alcohol social impacts and doing away with some draconian social laws?   Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs is not just " Culture and Religion ".  There is a whole national society that thirst for understanding and a helping hand. Not religious and culture lessons and dictates. And certainly not imprismsonment for 19 year old boy student having consensual sex with 17 year old girl student. Why act so holy and inclusive when deeds and intent speak differently?  A Minister who speaks only of religion and culture is a cult minister not a Home Minister. 

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