Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Dharma Raja and Robert Thurman ( Kuensel headline News 20th Nov, 2018 )

Looks like an Agency in Bhutan felt the need to strengthen the status of the King and had hired an Americam Professor who dabbles in Tibetan Buddhism to tell Bhutanese people about the essence of "dharma raja"  in democracy.

Bhutan under the constitutional monarchy democracy is a declared secular Kingdom. And I am not at all sure of the hired professor's angle of politics of " dharma raja ".  In so far as democracy in Bhutan is concerned, the people have accepted with solace the gift of democracy. And at the same time the  people dearly respect the vital role of the Monarchy in the security and stability of the nation in the era of democracy under constitutional monarchy.

Democracy is new in Bhutan and we are still in the process of finding the most appropriate and acceptable path of governance. There is no unsurmountable disagreement. Just some adjustments in thought process and working style.  The institution of Monarchy and the three wings of governance will surely find the confidence and the reverence for the objectives of the Constitution and adopt ways to acieve the same. And any necessary solution must be out of  Bhutanese effort.  Not that of a foreigner in search of a personal comfort niche within the Bhutanese hierachy.

So within Bhutan, this " dharma raja " preaching from a hired foreigner is a waste of money and surreal. Perhaps he could spread his belief to re-settled Jafa refugees in his home country the United States of America.  It was mostly those people who led the revolt against the King and Country during 1989/90. 

And by the way, "dharma raja"  was a title referred by foreign visitors to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. Bhutan has changed over to Monarchy since the adoption of the Monarchy system in 1907. Now we have the 5th hereditary Wangchuck King on the Throne. Not a " dharma raja " though ofcourse His Majesty is a Buddhist by birth.

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