Friday, November 2, 2018

The Post of Speaker and the incongruities.

In political heirachy in Bhutan, the Speaker is next to Prime Minister. And yet the post is not necessarily the coveted  choice of the political eligibles. Most prefer a cabinet berth at a Ministry.

The Speaker can only do common good deeds for the nation. Not for a group or an individual. And such post does not augur well for many who seek a different kind of power and influence. There is hardly any room or opportunity to do self serving deeds. No room to manipulate or find means to do favours. Corruption and corrupt practices are not what makes a Speaker powerful in Bhutan. Being faithful to the Office and truly non partisan and directing the Parliament to the national course constitutes the legacy of a Speaker.

Unlike other government Ministers, a Speaker does not glow with power and affluence during the tenure. However, it is the Speaker who will be remembered long after all others have faded away. The two former Speakers have put the interest of the nation and the well being of the people in the forefront. I wish the third Speaker all the best.  

The Speaker of Parlianent in Bhutan is as much the pillar of democracy as is the Chief Justice  the central foundation of Judiciary and Justice in Bhutan. Parliament and Judiciary are key features of a vibrant democratic nation. And the Speaker  and the Chief Justice are the souls of Parliament and Judiciary. Therefore, we all have a duty to respect them and uphold their uncompromised dignity of the Office.

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