Thursday, November 15, 2018

Freedom Prisons in all 20 Dzongkags say Bhutanese Prime Minister from DNT Party.

First public pledge more Prisons and witch hunts  by DNT Party formed government. Great vengeance  goings for a Party but horror for a nation. For a while there was a light of hope for national unity  and moving on in unison with real national priorities. Now this new DNT pledge by the Prime Minister.

Why feel insecure DNT Party even after being declared the comfortable winner and taking the reign of governance? There is no call to eliminate  all semblance of  oppositions or difference of opinion in democracy unless the intent is to  murder the essence of the  lauded gift of democracy. Election is over but scores to settle a galore!

First public commitment to built additional  prisons in all 20 Dzongkhags instead of hospitals or schools. First public commitment to witch hunt fake account holders to fill  the new prisons instead of creating job  opportunities for jobless people. Revolutionary means of solving lack of employment opportunities.

Certainly not a national  government in objective. A Political Party Cabinet with national mandate to fulfill political vengeance or simply side tracking campaign pledges. I thought all one time DNT pledges were doable. Full employment is just a vision but improvements is real possiblility. Alas! The  Party is  set upon a campaign of election period vengeance the next 5 years. A sure path to national discord and social fear for national lifetime. 

Fake accounts and false propaganda posts surged during the elections. Could be political party inspired also rather than only  individual doings. DNT Party, too, cannot be totally innocent. But such things do not warrant national governance priority. These malicious wind of politics simmer down naturally if fair and positive  governance takes hold after the election.     

I did not believe this new DNT Party political vengeance mantra until a video was shared on the 1st declared priority of the new government.  And still I feel it is a joke in bad taste. However,  persecution has never guranteed the life lasting authotity of a dictator. Unfortunately terror regimes have destroyed societies and nations all over the world. Prayers may not help but still prayers must be offered for our tiny Druk Yul. 


  1. This could be one of seeds of terror groups germination . Secondly the election is rigged in favour of ruling DNT. As such the DNT is feared that truth of election might expose with proof by anonymous users.

  2. How easy it’s for you to pass judgement on everything,
    You can clearly see that the video was shot in a casual place and PM was joking, his true message was something else, which a man of your intellect can clearly see. But you refuse to see the brighter side and continue to focus on the dark side of everything.

    1. Really Anonymous? What " casual" place was it? A bar or restaurant? And why are you hiding ? Why don't you share the whole context under your real identity and tell all what the PM was getting at. At least I did point out that it could be a joke in bad taste though the clip was quite evident otherwise.

    2. My anon friend, jokes are best left to comedians no matter how good you are. People did not vote to see the PM make a clown out of himself; people wanted change and they saw hope in Dr. LT. Either way, it is a poor show.

      As to the Hon’ble PM’s amateurish joke or myopic policy (depending on who you ask), it is unsettling at the least if that is the moral compass out government upholds. They are no longer DNT, they are the government now; we are not in election campaigning period. There is and should be separation between the hyped political party and the government.

      What good will this totalitarianism move reap to us Bhutanese? Will the cost of policing anons on social media justifiable to a Bhutanese economy which is always running low in its coffers? Are we becoming a police state? What next do the government want, our own gestapo?

      That money can be better spend elsewhere. Such moves would brew resentment, lose confidence in government and lead to social discord.

    3. All he knows is to pass judgement. The real joke is your article. Why don't you do something for the Country then to keep on trying to prove yourself qualified and right always. What have you done for the Country and people? haha

    4. We need more bold and wise man like you who is more concerned about the people of Bhutan and it's identity, so we can fight those greedy people who are only concerned about themselves and their benefits la....

  3. I'm sure he was not joking when he made that comment. The man is drunk with unrestrained power. This PM doesn't really care about the welfare of our country. All he wanted was just to become the PM, and once his tenure is over I don't think he will even re-run for the office. He made it very clear during his campaign that every after 5 years a new party should be given the chance to run government. This was all about fulfilling his lifelong dream to become PM of Bhutan once. He really doesn't care about how our country will fare under his administration. Period.