Saturday, May 25, 2019

Indian politics without Gandhi Dynasty.

Rahul Gandhi has learnt in a very regrettable way that whilst it was easy tearing off an Ordinance proposed by Prime Minister ManMohan Singh Cabinet, time has past for him to make good the damage he had inflicted upon the Congess Party.  There was a spurt of glow last December but it turned out to be a candle flicker.

I do not think Gandhi Family should leave politics. But Rahul must share authority and spotlight with a fresh figure in the forefront. Perhaps Shashi Tharoor's calling has come. Maybe few others should be given a free hand  to reshape and revamp Congress. Not necessarily young hot bloods. But seasoned experienced hands to chalk out strategy now for the next election.

Congress Working Committee needs to have open positive environment and not be dominated restrictively  by Gandhi personalities. Party  Politics cannot progress without adequate money.  And Congress needs fund therefore a number of well heeled patrons is most desirable. Most importantly, Congress needs fresh members and not just youths but all ages and gender irrespective of race, religion or political colours.

Name calling is not an election strategy. And worse was addressing PM Modi as chowkidar thus endearing him to the masses who are in chowkidar position both financially and socially. And last minute rabbit from the hat such as NYAY cannot replace sound and tested manifesto formulated over the years.

Raghuram Rajan should have been brought in 2 years before to work under the supervision of former PM ManMohan Singh on this NAYA Scheme. Everything smacked of hurried reactive response and thus had no substantive impact. There was never the time to promote NAYA to the grass root.

A political Party must have money to attract cadres in the field. A Political Party must have innovative ways to sell new relevant ideas to attract the masses. Congress has to start from the start. So must many of the regional political parties of India. From Trinamol, SP, BSF, CPI, CPM etc. The leaders must not desperately yearn for PM Post for their individual glory. But rather think of the Party and national interest. The Opposition Parties could not unite mainly because each and every Party Leader harboured PM ambition. Maybe they should all start from the tea stall and thereafter spent decades to understand and also.recognise the common people.

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