Tuesday, May 21, 2019

War drums once again in Middle East.

United States have issued ultimatum to Iran and the British Government has once again blindly sided with United States as she did in conducting the Iraq war upon  the fabricated allegation of Iraq possessing Weapon of Mass Destruction. And Israel the spearhead of American war column and Policeman in Middle East must be rearing to receive the goahead to bombard Iran.

For sure a super power United States  can destroy a regime in Iran. But at what cost? United States interests and her allies in Middle East too will suffer in proportion. Israeli and American forces can inflict maximum damages upon Iran but still the nation Iran will survive though the regime would not. Regimes have been toppled along with thousands of citizens  killed and precious national assets and infrastructures destroyed.  But despite suffering unimaginable devastations, nations like Iraq and Libya still stand. In like manner so will stand Iran. And Americans and Israelis will never be free of survival anxiety.

American multinational corporations may be making money out of oil fields in Iraq and Libya but American people in general have not benefitted. Instead they lost their sons in the battle fields of Middle East. In case of Iran too, the shale oil companies of America would benefit from wider world market if Iranian oil export is frozen by American imposed sanctions.

But illgotten wealth will not end American woes. Because wealth and dream of better life attracts deprived and the destitute. Already both Western Europe and United States are facing unprecedented invasion by refugees. There are more than 500,000 people gathered at the border of United States and Mexico struggling to get into the richest and most powerful nation of the world. Unlike refugees swarming Western Europe, these people may not be direct result of wars.  But for sure all regions of the world are affected in mostly adverse ways when parts of the world forever up  in inferno all the time because of American hegemonic conquests.

If America continues to raise hell in other countries, America herself will be inundated with more hungry and distraught people seeking sanctuary. Rich and the powerful can never enjoy their life in peace unless and until the minimum needs of less fortunate are met.

I hope America and her allies will not make it impossible for Iranians to survive  in their own nation. The source of refugees and origins of diehards are created when circumstances make it uttertly difficult to live a normal life in a particular social and political environment. And ripple effects from Iran war will multiply disasters in different regions of the world. Even United States, Britain and Israel will not be celebrating victories they initial would win.

Wars will lead to more wars.  What Israel and America  should realise is that there is no war to end all wars. No religion that can supersede all other beliefs and no race ointed to rule all other races.

There is only peace to end all wars. And harmony to counter all unrests.

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