Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The coming of the much promised pay raise.

In reference to an article on Pay raise by The Bhutanese, I find the Cabinet decision quite sound.

Also this should be a Money Bill as decided by the Speaker. DNT Party as a whole must be given the credit of getting the Cabinet the Party nominated to give the pay raise as committed during election campaign. Neither NC nor Opposition can be allowed to dilute or take credit/ blame for the Pay raise. But as usual both the Oppositon MPs and NC MPs will equally benefit along with all others covered by the pay raise.

The Cabinet is very sensibly considerate in enhancing lower pay raise percentage and not reducing the mileage rate.

I cannot help suspecting that the Pay Commission designed the drastic reduction in mileage rate and introduced the Nu: 10, 000 for red scarfs as a dagger to stab DNT Party's future aspirations.

Further, leaving aside the quota entitlements of elected MPs, it would benefit both the recipients and the nation if vehicle quota is monetised. The government will have no resource problem for quota monetization. In fact government will get more income from duties levied on otherwise duty free imports under quota.  Right now poor civil servants are forced to sell quota to get some benefit out of the entitlement. The number of vehicles imported could also be reduced.

I guess there will be still dissatisfactions expressed. There is no end to both envy and greed of we people. . Non-civil servants do not want civil servants to get pay raise. Many do not want elected people to get more despite inflations. And some want national honours that they received subsidised further with life long exorbitant  monthly payments. I guess it is also a GNH pillar albiet a sad one.

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