Thursday, May 16, 2019

National social crisis highlighted recently by Kuensel needs patient study and through examination and corrective institutional overhaul.

1. The culture of Police Terrorism of students.

A class XI student was terrorised by police team to the extent of being driven to hang himself to death. It seems that the young student tried to escape a follow up ( repeated )  interrogations by running away from the room he was detained in.  But he was chased by Police and others into the forest nearby the school which probably caused him to hang himself as the only way to escape his tormenters. How horrifying!

The Police Chief and the Authority above him ( Home Minister/ Prime Minister even  the Supreme Commander of RBP )  may already have  noted that the Police Team had  over- reacted beyond all measures and necessities. The triangle relationship between the School Principal- the Canteen Woman- Police OC seems very firm. Otherwise the physically absent  Principal who issued directives to his Deputy or the Police OC could have contained the incident within reasonable limit.

i) According to Kuensel, the case was an attempted theft from a school canteen. The purported thief/ thieves stole nothing but left behind a bag and a footwear. The bag suggests the intent was to steal some edibles by some hungry person/ persons. By all accounts, it was a minor incident that was blown out of proportion by what seems to be a well connected influential woman who was the canteen owner.

ii) The ( very influential) canteen woman had the school management take attendance of all students in the hostel in the dead of the night after the incident. All students were found present.

iii) Then in the morning, she had the Police people round up all students from Classes IX to XII. Must have been over thousand students who were humilated and terrified by the Police for a purported incident that had caused no material loss and no personnel injury. Highly uncalled for aggravated response from law enforcement Police Body.

iv) Next, further interrogations of selected possible suspect students one by one. Then narrowed down to further interrogations of two students.  Such terrorising by Police of innocent fragible minds finally caused the fatal act of  suicide.

My God! It was a minor incident of a failed attempt to steal some edibles from a school canteen. It was not an act of terrorism that Police Team was called upon to deal.

Why such heavy handling by law officers?

All I can conclude is that the Police Chief must have received more graphic detailed report from his Crime Division. The case was hushed up until it was out there in the social media. Only then it seems Police shared it with Kuensel. Sad Kingdom.

Please note our high school students may look tall and strong but they are very young in age of 13-15 years old  and at  susceptible immature stage. They cannot mentally survive without suffering fatal damage such Police Terrorism Interrogation methods.

2. The other social crisis is the sex scandal in a college run by a monk Director. The unnerving  fear is that this could be happening in several colleges and even in few Central Schools. The education culture and system has been guinea pigs for political managers for quite sometime. 

The immediate identified culprits are very bad but the education environment seems to have turned into an evil nest.  Too many high flying official visits and loud and varied  lectures on Tsawa Sum disciplines and no meaningful educational contributions. Varieties of culture activities and "Chadies" ( VIP welcome arrangements) have led to excessive  physical and social interactions among students and teaching staffs which results in unhealthy intimacy. And often the Directors of such education Institutions are engaged in other out of institute activities or responsibilities.

A sad nation we have become  in so many aspects with Police terrorising fragible minds to suicide and teachers and students seducing each other for fringe benefits of sexual favours  for teachers and possibly  pocket money plus exam question paper for students. Those involved individuals are bad but the system and top administrators are worse for causing the  creation of such vile environment.  Time to examine our self conscience.

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