Thursday, May 30, 2019

What Age of Consent means.

Looks like some view the lowering of age of consent from 18 to 16 a grievous error. Maybe if you are only looking at it from a narrow perspective of sex. Try not have have your minds clouded by sex and rape emotions unless you were born into such a life. There is more to life than sex. Life is not about sex though it is part of it. Life is about living. And age of consent is the right to self determination. Yes, " Self Determination " is what is being ultimately. decided upon  when lawmakers are discussing " the age of consent ".

1. There is the critical biological factor. How developed a human body is when one completes the 16th birthday and begin the age of 17. And then the factor of mental maturity and the stage to take responsibilities.

2. By the 16th birthday, a student would have captained a team, house and school. Helped teachers to manage over one thousand fellow students. In fact young boys and girls as school captains would have helped school authorities to run the school,  handled responsibilities in class, in school, at home and in communities. They would have gone out of home and schools on assignments or just social gatherings. They takeover responsibilities to manage their lives. They decide what profession to go for and what they wish to do in life.

3. The young people are ready to define and dictate about what matters to them. They are old enough to make decisions about their life and likewise own properties. Why should they be treated as helpless adolescents and totally subject to the whims of teachers or parents?

4. None of us even at old age can perfectly decide about life and love. So there just does not exist a line in our life when we can be a perfect human being. Life is a journey of trials, errors, triumps and failures. A lot of our adult likes and dislikes, wants and yearns are in fact sown into our self being at an early age. Once you have completed the 16th birthday, you are as prepared as one can be. As you turn the age of 17, you better be able to participate in life as a wholesome individual. Sure you may not be in position to  support your livelihood. But you are in position to make choice based upon  rational reasonings.

5. I agree that citizens who have completed their 16th birthdays should be declared as adults. They must have right to consent, right to vote, right to have properties registered in their names, right to open and operate bank account and right to work to lead a self supported livelihood. And ofcourse the right to love and have sex to their individual liking.

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