Thursday, April 23, 2015

A jackpot of all jackasses.

On 22nd April 2015, the jackpot of all jackasses @drukleaks tweets the following remarks regarding my article about patang and kamni to quote:

" @Wangcha Sangey. Guess it is sparked frm not him being awarded 1 but he shld be grateful that he has to right to wear a  white one ". Unquote.

This jackass hides his identity but his intention is naked chamcha trumpeting till blue in the face to gain personal favour. I do not know this chamcha but possibly  some others would personally know this public jackass. I have a message for him :

Quote, " My allegiance is raw and naked. Not polished to solicit favour as like a chamcha. I believe that white kamni is an age old custom and not anyone's right as such.  However, if it was meant as an implied threat, you display a sad and unhinged existence.

I am not jealous of those who are honoured with patang and kamni. This  is why I support that such personalities keep wearing the colour kamni even without patang after retiring. I always thought it was an act displaying respect to the authority who granted the the honour as well as displaying one's honoured social position.

You jackass now can wear all the colour kamni of the retired Dashos to your early grave since you object to them wearing so. To me the tradition of colour kamni and patang is an honour granted by an authority which possess the prerogative power.  Patang and kamni  is not a natural or automatic right of any person whether civilian or elected or simple ordinary citizen. Even under democracy, it is not an electorate right. At least it is not specifically mentioned in the constitution that an individual elected to represent a constituency is entitled to patang and colour kamni. It is an honour not an individual entitlement.

Therefore to my understanding such an honour is an honour no matter how or where or when or to whom it is bestowed. As such, such honour cannot be erased by simple revocation: denying wearing the kamni to the grave unless the whole system undergoes a total revolution of change wherein  social, cultural and traditional meaning and concept are changed legally or politically. I sincerely thought that the sanctity of an institutional prerogative would be best upheld if it is not subjected to variations and different definition. However, I have no problem with any final decision of an authorised Agency. As the jackpot of a jackass pointed out I have no colour kamni so I cannot be a victim.

The difference between me and the jackpot of all jackasses is that he lives for self  preservation whilst I endeavour to preserve the goodness of sovereign nation and institution. I have been reminded in no uncertain terms that I am nobody to make such an endeavour. And I  humbly accept that I have no official or unofficial position nor any type of influence.  It is just that the allegiance  to this nation and the institution that steered it, is part of my upbringing and so it is difficult to change overnight.

I do not posses a variable political and social character as in jackpot of a jackass. My heart cannot betray Bhutan  though I read the implied threat when the chama jackass writes that I should feel  grateful for the right to wear white kamni. I know that only Bhutanese who are imprisoned are denied wearing kamni.  Sad is the day when this once Camelot of a Kingdom is now also home to such a jackpot." Unquote.

It is believed that it takes at least a year for natural truth to be revealed by super natural forces. I therefore pray that by this time next year for Pelden Lham and Yeshey Goenpo to separate the milk from the water. The detractors who have misconstrued the intent of my article and maliciously reported  should also submit to the judgement of Pel Yeshey Goenpo and Pelden Lhamo.

I had deleted my article on kamni and patang and had also requested Kuensel moderator to please not publish it. Further to those who inquired about it, I had requested that they kindly accept my decision to withdraw the article from the social media. I do not wish it to be misconstrued. But detractors like jackpot of all jackasses who still won't let go but insist on fueling controversies for personal gains need to be answered in their own language.

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