Saturday, April 4, 2015

A memorable walk in the heavenly Valley of Paro.

Today at Ugyen Pelri Palace Paro Bhutan, I and my partner had the privilege of being among the Zangthopelri of congregation of beauties of nature and people that the 60 year old Monarch King Jigme Singye Wangchuck devoted decades to nurture to full blossom.

The Flower Exhibition organised by Her Majesty Queen Mother Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck represents a united love and effort of many agencies and individuals of the Kingdom to pay a fitting tribute to the the Triple Gem King. Today I finally comprehended the aura and depth of love that " a Metho gi Chhoeba " represents and reflects.  Thank you Lungtenchen gi Queen Mother and all who contributed to the creation of this symbolism of national blossom of love and gratitude to the 4th King. His Majesty embodies the earthly, heavenly and kyka ( enduring spirit of faith and fate ) of the nation and people. A Paradise of nature in full blossoms,  cherished and admired by so many visitors makes possible for this one day a true feeling of happiness. And when we came to the Gadhen Kyestel Garden, I had to ask my 2nd mother of our family to pose together for a photo before we entered the mystique valley of Shangrila. Love is ageless !

Altogether the 4th of April, 2015 reflected the colours and essence of a Bhutanese family life. The day began as planned the night before. The 1st mother opted out of Tsechu visit. ( As it turned out she as usual was right. It was so crowded and mostly standing leg room was physically taxing at Diyang kha. This holy ground forever blessed by the Guru Tsengye Thongdrel and stomped upon by thousands of pilgrims every year for 5 days of religious festival brought back memories I cherish ). Today was a busy day for the family. The fete day of grandson school Jigme Namgyel was a must visit and parents meeting at Sunshine was another must attend to task. In addition the usual family home chores and social obligations. The family day began at 4 am and probably will end sometime midnight for younger adult members at the gathering of college days friends.

For the two of us parents the sight of early morning Thongdrel followed with a chance to share with the pilgrims the privilege of sighting the King and Queen at Diyangkha and incredibly again at the gate of Ugyen Pelri after our shangrila experience, kindled in my heart the assurance of better years ahead for the nation and of course for our immediate family. Thank You Kenchhosum. A walk in Paro valley was a journey that threaded the past, present and future of my life. Those days at Paro Ugyen Wangchuck Academy, the football games at Ugyen Pelri Palace ground and later the first Paro Tsechu Thongdrel Blessing with the Love and Light of our family the 1st mother. Those past were carefree, full of enthusiasm utopian days and present  much aged and more seasoned but equally happy and grateful days and then the benevolent signs of future.

Wishing to all the Blessings of the Holy Paro Tsechu Thongdrel and warmer and brighter days ahead.

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