Monday, April 20, 2015

PCAL in Deep Water Question is dragged to Court by an under performing embarrassed Management.

Will PCAL Management be able to reverse the trend of receding company performance by going to the Court? I have my doubts. How does the Company explain low sales apart from blaming competitors.? Everyone is required to face competition in every day life from birth to death therefore especially for a seasoned commercial enterprise challenges from competitors cannot be a valid reason for continuous under performance.  Would the lawsuit against Kuensel justify decreasing profit and explain why the CEO had to resign ?

What could be the logic of wasting both financial and human resources in senseless  litigation in the name of saving reputation. Whose reputation ? If those who decided to do something about their supposedly tarnished image then concentrate on improving the 2015 Corporate balance sheet. It is the dignified norm to answer critics. Wasting shareholders money on legal ego trip is way off the corporate way.
I just cannot see how the commercial success of PCAL would be adversely affected by the Kuensel article ? It should rather motivate the management and the Board to do a better job hereafter. As a shareholder I am astonished with the absolute bamboozled response of PCAL to a not so flattering article about it.

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