Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Divided Congress Party of India ?

The Farmers Rally in Delhi last Sunday showed no sign of revamping Congress Party and no resounding endorsement of Rahul Gandhi as an able accepted Leader of whole of Congress Party. At best a Congress Spokeswriter maintained that there was no rift between mother and son since both shared the stage during the Party organised Rally. Such statement rather than reassuring actually highlights Party disorientation. It would have spelt political suicide of the Party if Sonia Gandhi had been absent during the much touted farmer rally organised to reintroduce Rahul Gandhi.

On her part Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said Rahul spoke well as expected at the Rally and when asked about his Party President role, she said only Rahul can answer that question. Following Sunday Rally, Rahul spoke up the next day in the Parliament. Only 20 of the 44 Congress MPs attended the Session. Did the majority take sabbatical leave? This is serious indicative absence because an oral whip was  supposed to have been issued that all should attend the Session. If a written Party whip had been issued and more than half chose to be absent, then politically Rahul had no business to even hold on to the Party Vice President Post.

Rahul charged Modi of being away from farmers but he himself lacked any contact with farmers since the defeat in the last General Election. So it was like the kettle calling the pot black. He accused Modi Government of being pro rich and anti farmer. And in turn the Government accused Congress of reserving words for the farmers and deeds for the rich.

Few prominent figures of Congress Party have been quite vocal about the need for Sonia Gandhi to continue staying on as Party President and some hinted that they will resign if and when Rahul takes over. Now it looks like the ball is in the Rahul court. Only he can answer as his mother had commented. Will Rahul Gandhi move over and out to save the Party or he will choose to break the Party and become President of what's left over of old Congress Party? Perhaps the answer will become clearer once the fate of the Modi Government proposed Land Acquisition Bill is decided by the Parliament.

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