Saturday, April 18, 2015

The reconstruction of Congress Party of India or final political gamble on Rahul?

Foreign news media has noted the resurface of Rahul Gandhi.  Rahul may have absented himself from disastrous political scene for the last 2 months to seek a path to political rebirth for himself. It is said that he attended a meditation centre in Myanmar a known Buddhist Country.

Lord Buddha is not revered for political goal but King Ashoka of ancient India gained historical greatness in following Buddha path.  Ashoka was a very successful King and General even before he met the Disciple of Buddha. On the other hand, Rahul has failed in every battle except that of the womb wherein he was born the son in a society that largely idolises male supremacy.  Even then I see some hope for Rahul if he has meditated on the essence of respecting his party elders whilst endeavouring to lead the younger members.  It simply does not pay to feed the present generation on the griefs of the senior generation and that was what Rahul political mantra was in the past Congress inner party politics.

This Sunday is set to be perhaps a desperate political attempt to create for Rahul Gandhi an acceptable position at the helm of Congress command centre.

Congress Party is holding a Rally against the Land Acquisition Bill of Modi Government at New Delhi tomorrow the 19th of April,2015. The rally is planned to star Rahul as the key speaker and it may have been planned on a Sunday to attract spectators among curious weekend Delhi crowd.  Outwardly, it is possibly a penultimate field show of Rahul before pushing over his mother Sonia Gandhi as Congress President. However, this Congress farmer rally could be within Party battle of senior versus younger Congress leadership and unexpectedly a real fight between rival younger leaders of Congress. The political young wolves have smelled blood in the failing health of popular Party President Sonia Gandhi, the continuous political woes of heir apparent Rahul Gandhi and the disintegration and disinterest  of senior leaders of the Congress Party.

So come this pivotal Sunday in Delhi and the eyes of the political pundits would be on the other Speakers besides Rahul Gandhi and the reaction of the crowd towards them. In the past, Mrs. Gandhi has solidly backed her son but the heir apparent has never been enthusiastic with the political wisdom of his mother especially her confidence in the senior Congress stalwarts. And this rebel attitude of Rahul has largely contributed to the decimation of Congress Party in the last General Election. I had predicted the possibility of Congress debacle whilst UPA was still in power.

Congress Party is so historically tied to Gandhi family that the Party does not have much of a choice other than Rahul unless Priyanka Gandhi is willing to take a chance and steps forward. This will depend on Rahul response. Would Rahul welcome his sister in the interest of providing the best chance for the Party revival ?

A note of explanation to Bhutanese readers please.  On all international politics, I write as a democratic world citizen and not just as a Bhutanese. I pursue it as a way of testing the accuracy of my own political perceptions in a totally free political environment. And on all topics on Bhutan I write as a dedicated faithful experienced Bhutanese citizen. I have no other ulterior motive except the respect and prayer for the goodness of sovereign Bhutan under constitutional Monarchy system. And my perception of Bhutanese society and politics have withstood the test of time and the events that followed both during absolute Monarchy time and during last several years of constitutional democracy. Even then I apologise for any unintended personal offence and public controversies that outright frankness could cause. I sincerely feel that misunderstandings happen mainly because whilst most are deep in the past and present affairs, my thoughts are on coming future and end goal devoid of present nitty gritty. Thank you.


  1. Your post on kabney and patang vanished conspicuously from the blog! Hope it didn't happen under certain duress!!! It actually created an avenue/platform to discuss and debate on relevance of such cultures in modern times...If some has taken negatively, then i am sure something is really wrong with such people or perhaps living in illusionary world!

    1. I did not mind removing the blog. I believed that those who are so honoured could carry the colour kamni to the grave as a symbol of gratitude and loyalty. But there are also those who feel otherwise. And so it was advisable to bring about a gentle closure to this subject at least from my side.Hope that you and others also put the issue at rest.

  2. The country is famous for many other things also... He could be there not for meditation but for anything else... Rehab maybe.. Since you know the details please clarify

  3. Neither meditation nor rehabilitation, he is on hibernation.

  4. I think he is on hibernation