Friday, April 3, 2015

Catching ups with old thoughts and news

1. At the onset of Ukraine disruption, I wrote that Crimea will remain part of Russia but not other parts. Today it remains so.

2. When Rahul Gandhi blasted ManMohan Singh Cabinet on the Ordinance Bill, I surmised that it was the beginning of the end of Congress Party since he was demeaning the old guards that constituted the Party backbone. Today Congress has been reduced to a minimal existence. The only united Congress rallying I heard was when a CBI Court issued summons to former Prime Minister ManMohan Singh.

3. By the way, I am sure glad that Supreme Court of India had stayed the Summon issued by the CBI Court to the honest man of India former Prime Minister ManMohan Singh.

4. After the astounding Delhi Election I felt there would be trouble within AAP and said so. But not so soon ! Politics in India has bullet train speed.

5. In Bhutan I had hoped that Parliament would uphold basic human right and political right for an MP to resign. Thank you Parliament for preserving this little semblance of democracy. Imagine what democracy could mean to the man on the street in Bhutan if an MP faced absolute strictures.

6. I have been praying hard and hoping madly that democracy also bring about more flexibility in the exercise of our national sovereignty to secure national interests. But either the Prayers are unheard or the Pelden Drukpai ChhongChang have taken a much deserved Earned Leave. Our ChhoChangs guided our Kings through so many national crisis before. Maybe like the Buddhist Rimpocheys who claims God does not exist so possible for the Bhutanese  type democractic ruling, , ChhoChang does not exist.

7. World Democracy has taken a new direction recently when so many voices acclaimed late prime minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew  as exemplary strong democratic Leader. It is written that he promoted school flogging ( sorry " caning " unruly students writes Manish Gyawali a writer and consultant in his 2nd April,15 article on Lee Kuan Yew ) so that the young students followed disciplined adult citizen path when they grew up. My own humble view is that he seems to have an astute very capable strong arm tactic successful Leader. And he had that internationally dominating character which exploited to the hilt the crucial geopolitical location of Singapore as an axis of world shipping lanes. Every Power in the world wanted the island nation to be stable and neutral under whatever governance. May Singaporeans fare well hereafter.

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