Thursday, April 28, 2016

Foreign Policy of Donald Trump.

The American President hopeful Donald Trump gave his foreign policy Speech. This is my take.

An olive branch to all. No intervention or forceful regime changes. No threats but strong meaningful diplomacy that benefits America as well as others especially Russia and China. Like everyone else still banking on China to control North Korea ( the hidden or undeclared reason is of course America cannot directly declare war on North Korea. Its too close to China ).

No war for the sake of feeding greedy war industries. War will be last resort and that too to defend American security not ideals of democracy. For home consumption, he said Christians needed to be defended in better ways than that of Obama effort.  And foreign policies to suit international order of peace and prosperity for America. He will not succumb to the in house Washington out dated think tanks who will be tanked for good he confirmed ( this is the main fear of old Republican guards in Washington. Losing their ancient hold on Presidents).

He attacked Iran Nuclear Deal but stopped short of renegading upon it. So the Deal stands but emphasis on ensuring no nuclear weapon for Iran. He maybe against Muslim refugees entering America but he confirmed that he is against destroying Muslim Countries and their system of governance and beliefs. He is against ISIS that successive American Administrations both Republic and Democrat helped to create.

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