Friday, April 22, 2016

Rangjung Khasapani thoughtful day.

The visit to Punakha to see the items related to great Zhabdrung went off O.K. So many faithfuls confirm the religious spirit of Bhutanese of different walks of life. All relics looks real and ancient. The Rangjung Khasapani I felt was a big Tease. Something white ( viewed from several feet away ) possibly noticed through a straight slit about 1 inch wide and few inched long. Rest of casing covered including the background. A faith of imagination necessary. But lot of lightining and two thunder showers to purify and bless all. A pleasant and satisfying day. May Tsangpa Jharey bless all believers irrespective of how the Rangjung Khasapani was displayed or not displayed..

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