Monday, April 4, 2016

Kuensel a National Paper should not be hijacked for personal vindictive goal. Shameful !

Woh ! Woh ! Kuensel .  What a vindictive goal you have set to achieve in your Front Page Headline complaint article titled "  Erratic orthodontic services irk patients".

The complaint article covered the 1st page and 2nd page of Kuensel issue of Friday the 1st of April. Then again the very same complaint article was splashed over the whole of page 3 of the same Kuensel issue.

Complaints are not front page News. Therefore , it does not warrant a Front Page Coverage. And it is absolutely unheard of the same Front Page article being again splashed over the whole of the prominent 3rd Page of the same issue. And do not tell me it was unintentional ! A technical mistake- a needle in the hay stack.

It is clear that some one at the top management level at Kuensel has personal issues with the orthodontist. Could Tempa Wangdi who authored the complaint article be that vengeful person. Doubtful as he would not have the authority to categorise an article in the nature of grievance as front line News. And then again have it splashed in the whole of prominent 3rd Page.

It is a disgusting act. Totally out of rules of  journalistic engagement. Whether the complaints are true or false, I call upon the Hospital authority and the Health Ministry to conduct separate independent investigation. But Kuensel Editorial has shamefully crossed all lines of proper main stream media ethics and abused the respect and public status that Kuensel had earned over the many years. It is an unforgivable journalistic crime. The irresponsible person/ persons must leave media profession/position.

The media Association of Bhutan as well as the Kuensel Board of Directors must exercise the public responsibility to find the reasons for misusing Kuensel coverage to settle personal grievances.

The complaint article states that there is only one Orthodontist in the Thimphu Hospital. I know one such Specialist. And his name is Dr.Tamang. His chamber number is 4. If the complaint is against him then let me also tell what kind of a Specialist he is. If he is not the Specialist the complaints are directed at, then I do not know any other that they are referring to.  But still my charge against Kuensel stands and I submit to those administrative Agencies to conduct a through investigation. Someone at Kuensel has crossed the bounds of all decency and misused Kuensel and its good reputation.

I came to know Dr.Tamang few years back when I had dental problems.  I came across a through professional. He is a medium size Bhutanese man  with bushy eye brows. His mannerism is correctly professional but on the side of confidence inspiring. He is not egoistic and not at all abusive. But what I really appreciated was his sense of responsibility to his profession and patients and punctuality.

The 1st appointment is easier once you are referred by another Doctor or by the Reception depending on the nature of dental problem. After that its all in order of appointment dates that are available as of that particular day.

I was quite shocked and worried the first time when I was told that my appointment would be some 3 months later. But then he showed me the appointment diary and it was all filled up. I thanked him. On the appointed day I went and without any hassle my denture process began that day. Another appointment again several weeks later. The next appointment was always quite some time away never within say the next few weeks. He is very busy and there are many patients.

I can be a very patient person when necessary but denture procedures is taxing both on patience, anxiety and discomfort. I remember that I had missed one appointment. I simply forgot the day. It happens when appointments are made some months in advance. Two days later I sheepishly went to apologise and seek another appointment. He was not angry and when I apologised for having upset his schedule, he kindly said it happens but the appointment time was filled in by another patient so his and his nurses time was not wasted. I was given another appointment time. After that I had all my family members informed of my dental appointments so that one of us us would remember the crucial appointment date. At another time I got a call from his nurse that my scheduled appointment was deferred for some 10 days because the Doctor will be away attending a Seminar. I was grateful for the advance notice.

All in all, the two denture processes spanned over 12 or 13 months. The cost came to around Nu:24,000. One denture got broken and had to be redone following the same appointment schedules. But it was done free of cost because the fault was technical not misuse.

I never felt more relief than that day when the procedures for my two dentures were completed. And since then every year though I did not meet him in person, I dropped at his clinic chamber a pon ( 80 walnuts. I ask my wife why pack 80 and not 100. She reminds me that Doma and Tagu are always packed by " pon" ) of kashmiri walnut as an offering from my walnut trees to a man who practised so professionally a godly profession. ( walnut is a symbolic offering for wishing good health and prosperity but Dr. Tamang like many medicine men may not be aware of the significance ).  

Imagine he never missed his appointment with me except one deferment  with advance notice. And I usually a very punctual man who needed to keep track of just my own appointment and not of so many other patients that he had to be mindful about, forgot an appointment with him.

I understand the frustrations and discomfort that dental patients go through But do realise its not your parents fault, not your child's fault and certainly not the good doctor's fault. Some bodily defects have to be dealt with patience and patience. The orthodontist that you blame is not god though he has a godly intent. He cannot be everywhere at the same time. And learn to appreciate a professional when he delivers you professional service even if you are a nobody. It is very rare to find  such a professional as Dr. Tamang in Bhutan and elsewhere in the world.

Kuensel editorial team has conducted a shameful personal vendetta. But I am very very certain that his technical assistants, fellow co- workers, colleagues and above all by all the authentic dental patients whom he had so professionally serviced, holds Dr.Tamang above the best of professional standard. Investigations must be conducted and culprits at Kuensel held accountable. A professional has been so wrongfully wronged by some egoistic person/persons in Kuensel Management.

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