Friday, April 15, 2016

The Visit to Bhutan by their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, England.

This trip of all that is royal charm from England would definitely get warm and wide world exposure for Bhutan. And within Bhutan the royal couple,too, were roundly exposed to the Bhutanese ways including the royal jest in the form of archery chants by the fair ladies.  There was so much warmth and such open display of affection and friendship.

Bhutan is most fortunate to have such knowledgeable and confident Royal Families to handle any kind of situation to make possible such high calibre reception be it in rain, shine or wind. Led by their Majesties the King and Queen and so artistically managed and supported by Royal Members, in the eyes of the world, Bhutan stands tall and alluring like Paradise and Himalayan peaks.

Such a spectacular and warm welcome was reciprocated in equal enthusiasm and participation by the visiting Royal Couple.  The highlight for me was the genuine appreciation and enjoyment for Bhutanese sports by their Royal Highnesses. The Duchess sure demonstrated how fun archery can be. What merry laughter ! And now I believe that khuru can be such an attractive feminine sport if our ladies,too, showed such graceful style. The knack is to play it like a lady's game and not in the usual manner of women imitating men's aggression. Thank you most graceful and jovial Duchess. You really stole all hearts at Changlimithang with  such pure joyful mirth.

The trek to Takstang really seems to have culminated into a lovers sojourn without a care in the world. The weather too shined like lovers heart. It had to be an experience that defied all expectations. Very happy for the Royal Lovers who at times trekked arm in arm lost in their own time space. This must have been a total fresh side of ' Kate & William ' that the international media glimpsed for the first time. That's what Bhutan does to visitors. Be genuinely themselves !

Wishing their Royal Highnesses safe journey back home and great family life.

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