Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Silent Brave Tears.

" Through loyalty and dedication we exel ". This is the motto of Royal Bhutan Army.

Let me have the honour to reproduce the brave mixed emotions of an Officer's wife. Written in words in 2014 but had to be reflection of agony felt in December, 2003 during Operation All Clear.

As you walk out of the door
And as I bid farewell
I tell myself not to weep
I say its only a while

I know that the emptiness I sense
The silent tears that I shed
Are just the start of a long road ahead
Its just not what I'd planned

But with time I've learnt to acknowledge
That this is why you're trained...
Its what you do...
Its why you breathe...
Its who you are...

Unheard, unseen your labour
Neither for gratitude nor accolade
But to keep us safe and protected

Though you are weary and you are sore
Never have you protested or cried
For the most agonising wounds inflicted
You have buried deep inside

I know I must be strong
I know I must have faith
But its so difficult when you are in harm's way
And so with trembling hands I bow my head and say a silent prayer

Dear God, keep my husband close to your heart
And let him be safe, for
On his safety depends the safety of many.

By Aum Sangay Deki w/f Major Kezang Namgyel , Wing IX Gelephug.

Courtesy Royal Bhutan Army annual magazine 2014 December. Today during a brief rest between building maintenance works, I chanced upon this 2 year old magazine and among the write ups was this poem. Thought some fb friends may equally admire those that followed His Majesty the Fourth King during Operation All Clear Southern Bhutan 2003. Thank you Aum Sangay Deki for sharing the depth of personal despair and height of national pride.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this moving personal reflection.