Thursday, June 2, 2016

2nd June the Day of Humanity and Nature.

Today is the 2nd of June and  I am in a celebratory mood- a big holiday mood actually. I am on holiday all days- physically relaxed and mentally open. But 2nd June is just special.

The Coronation Day of the great Fourth the Triple Gem King Jigme Singye Wangchuck and his Mother Earth Love.

The Day to celebrate the spirit of good conservation of mother earth and all her resources. In Bhutan it is called social forestry day. We plant trees! Bhutanese people of all ages and walk of life understand what it means to plant trees though many do not understand what  all the high flying carbon talk is about.  Preservation and Promotion of Natural Environment was a key policy of the great King. And this noble intent and effect is transmitted and translated in the form of planting a tree. What better more illustrative way to enhance the culture of environmental preservation and promotion can anyone else think of. This is revelation of grass root knowledge of your subjects.

To this same King,  GNH task is simply increasing the number of  simple  and loving families in Bhutaese society with shelter and food for the day and who make the offering of water chhoeba in the morning. It represent the sum  total good heath in spirit and body. No fancy countless pillars and branches. Those are created by Bhutanese agencies for Western fanciful sophisticated  minds. Western experts need big confusing theories to feed their ego. They have long departed from simple basic realities of life.

His Majesty King Jigme Singye  Wangchuck of Bhutan was born a prince who chose to be simply a Bhutanese at heart and in his living ways. He lives closely to the natural environment that still nourish the majority of Bhutanese that live in rural Bhutan.

Anyone  in high political posts can have grand ideas and make great prouncements of such. But only one human being was able to grasp the basic essentialities of earthly life and the means to achieve it. The philosophy of happiness for the majority and the goodness of natural environment. And the simple paths to acquire and develop meaningful sustainable livelihood for the entire nation which if duplicated sincerely can be for the whole world. He is one person that I have critically watched and when opportunity presented frankly shared my thoughts aloud. And so I have some basis of understanding the Royal personality..

This Kingdom of Bhutan is blessed with the Buddha of this earthly life. The other most reverred Buddha taught the path to heavenly life in the next phase. King Jigme Singye  Wangchuck taught his people the path to better living here on earth within the span of our life time.  And like the Teachings  of Lord Buddha the paths that this Buddha King taught will stand in good deed for centuries to come Bhutanese. 

Your Majesty,  You are humanely a great God.  2nd June will always be a celebratory day for me personally and I feel it will be the same for many who have benefited from your philosophy of life whether Bhutanese or otherwise.  Thank You for the Happiness Reign.


  1. Dasho, you did a just. Liked your post always...Thoughtful

  2. It's so thoughtful of you, Sir! Thank you for sharing your food for thought with us. To me he is a living Buddha walking among us in flesh and blood; so, i don't feel the need to travel in the time machine to find him! I am grateful for his birth, coronation, and his extraordinary leadership, that I'm living today to celebrate his coronation! Thanks to the Grand Queen Mother and and the late Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk for giving us such a priceless gift! and my only prayer for the day is we continue to enjoy his extraordinary times under the leadership of His Majesty the King also!