Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Are we already there at the next General Election of Bhutan?

The controversial suggestion by the Bhutanese Newspaper about the out of Parliament  3 Bhutanese Political Parties teaming up for next national election.

I went  through the initial responses to the  Bhutanese News article shared by Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho the Leader of the Opposition. Then reading the responses in the social media  after the BKP President denied his knowledge of such a talk. And again the follow up explanation/ justification by  the Bhutanese chief editor in the social media. I add up all these and gets the following conclusion.

Looks like DNT did not approach BKP. So possibly it was an idea between two tenzings  ( Tenzing Lekphell former general secretary of DNT and Tenzing Lamsang of the Bhutanese ) and the Bhutanese Newspaper  was used as a tool to sound out the other Parties. Seems BKP President had already reacted negatively to the feelers from the Bhutanese. And he was possibly  unhappy that in spite of his rubbishing  of such an idea  the Bhutanese Newspaper went ahead anyway  printing such a news story that did not happen.  Thus his direct rejection in the social media which was followed up by many accusing  the Bhutanese for false representation of national political affairs.  So the issue is not about reading or not reading fully the first article by the Bhutanese as made out by Tenzing Lamsang.  It seems  the shared feeling of the respondents is that the  Bhutanese Chief editor Tenzing Lamsang in collusion with Tenzin Lekphell of DNT  may perhaps had created the idea of the 3 political Parties joining hands and put it out as national news.

Now what conclusions the silent readers have drawn is anyone's guess.

But for sure Tenzing Lamsang has made his political move for the next General Election. Is it going to happen before 2018 or the Bhutanese making a Trial Run rather early? He is usually ahead by miles of others in the Bhutanese Media.

And personally I would not rule out Political Parties teaming up at some stage of the next national election. It happens everywhere. In Bhutan the precedent has been set by DNT and PDP during the last General Election and approved by ECB despite the unconstitutionality of such merger. And what happened in the last  General Election is enevitable in true practical practise  of open democracy.   So it will happen again. Thus Tenzing Lamsang may be foretelling future News rather than presenting present News. Good Luck Readers.

Our reverred Constitution lays down  principles of what I feel a controlled  democracy in that there are enshrined set criterias  for political candidates' academic qualifications , maximum age limit eligibility for election participation and particularly  what the Opposition Party role is in the Parliament. Open democracy would not be having these set criterias. The choice would be left entirely to the eligible Voters. For the present it is the chosen Bhutanese way to progressive development of full  democracy in the near future. Such constitutional guidance may be deemed essential to nurse our national capability to handle and more importantly digest democracy free of chaos that may follow from sudden indigestion of political change from absolute Monarchy to Democracy. I therefore, try to understand the inbuilt precautionary measures and also try to  comprehend the forces of democracy gradually over riding the constitutional restrictions to accommodate popular trends in other nations with Democratic governance.  


  1. this guy sold the soul of so called journalist ethics by supporting one political party and destroying others! now, trying again with this rumors so that his master can again win in 2018!!!

    his paper is now acting like a gov mouthpiece!! our fourth state is in shamble!

  2. Tenzing Lamsang is the biggest crook in our country. If our country is toppled, it has Tenzing Laamsangs hand in it. What would a tibetan who recently got citizenship through illicit practice do if not for all the maligning the country. I urge fellow Bhutanese to always watch out for this ill hearted and ill tempered person.

  3. Yes our so called 4th column of democracy in shambles. Thanks to journalists like Tenzing Lamzang. An example of a journalist that can be bought and sold.