Thursday, June 16, 2016

A necessary Clarification.

Some fb friends may be wondering about the deletion of my blog about the preposterous 83 % unfit youth population.

Just to explain,  I deleted it yesterday morning on my own accord.  I had meant to keep the blog  posted for 3 days only to create awareness of the preposterous assertions by the one person who had the responsibility to be more cautious than any of us.

But it had to be extended because the very person who shared the Kuensel article in social media on 12 the June  ( to which I had responded with the quit education Ministry blog) again wrote a letter to me and after 8 hrs. of posting the letter took the trouble to tag me. Anyway I have responded after my attention was drawn to the letter. And had extended by a day my particular  blog on the subject for reference by those who read the letter. 

I do not have personal issues with anyone including a Minister. But I really wish that the youths our national  promise of tomorrow are not used as tools of never ending Party Politics.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has youth drug problems and malnutrition problems. But it is grossly  incorrect and vicious politics to declare that over 50% of student population are into drugs and 33 % are stunted. This shameful false assertion makes a mockery of Royal statements by both Kings that youth are future of Bhutan and that their Majesties have placed their hopes and dreams of the future of the Kingdom upon the youth. In fact just a few days back His Majesty was addressing a very large gathering of Graduates on the great day of their  convocation.

I have no personal issues with the Education Minister. This is a national issue and I condemn him for such shameless behaviour and false statements. But as long as he is a Minister or MP, all of you will observe that if I ever come across Lyonpo, I will not lack in formal courtesy. After all our King has granted the blue scarf and patang to MPs  and orange scarf to Ministers or equivalent rank. It is our duty to respect the recognitions granted by our Monarch. One cannot claim loyalty and respect to the King and yet not respect the Royal recognitions granted to fellow citizens.  Thank you.


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