Friday, June 24, 2016

The not so smart world leaders and their unnecessary uneducated call ups.

President Obama and Democratic Party Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of United States and Naredra Modi Prime Minister of India called on the people of United Kingdom to vote to stay in European Union. My own comment in social media was " leave it to the people of United Kingdom" though individual outside views have little or no relevance.  But I think it was not just bad politics but stupid leadership to attempt to so publicly intervene in another nation's national referendum and end up alienating the majority of the voters of that nation.

Last night the People of United Kingdom voted to exit European Union. I thought the present British Government Leaders who campaigned to stay within the EU would now accept the majority decision of their people and get on with the task of building the  " independent Britain". But these fellows are still spelling doomsday. Perhaps the Government will now exit if incapable of moving beyond campaign strategy.

Campaigning and adopting strategies  before the votes are cast is altogether a different political ball game to preparing the nation and mustering the political resolve to implement to the best national interest the will of the majority cast in the election.  But such national Leadership ability seem scarce even in a long time democratic Country. No wonder most Political Parties are stuck in perenial election mode to the detriment of progressive national interest.

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