Saturday, June 11, 2016

Muhammad Ali the Greatest.

The eulogies at the final farewell ceremony for the greatest boxer and civil right fighter tells a great deal about a sport man who enchanted the multiracial nation of America and the world.

About his race he said ,"I am black and I am pretty". About his ability and confidence, he said, " I am the greatest". And as a human being he stood his ground against American war in Vietnam and said, " Why should I shoot down people that have done no harm to me or my Country".

Muhammad Ali born an all black American attained the crown of being an absolute character of all of America: black, white and all other multiraces of United States of America.

If one truly wants to measure success of a person in one lifetime, Muhammad Ali certainly comes at the top of the list.

It is not necessary to be a Pope, a Monarch, a President, a Prime Minister or even any type of Political leader to be known throughout the world. And Muhammad Ali has achieved what so many aspire for and that too whilst being subjected to Parkinson disease for more than half his entire age of 74 years. Life of Mr. Ali humbles many others. "Impossible is nothing" he said. And truly not much was impossible for him in his life time. As said at the funeral service , " At the moment of impact it lighted up the whole surrounding". That was what people felt when they were in his presence.

Stars of all races in religion, politics and sports lined up to be his pall bearers and to pay tribute to him.

At the time when he won Olympic gold medal he was " not allowed to eat in the same restaurant as whites " in America  because he was black. And later in life  it became a privilege and honour to be seen in his company for all walks of people. That was the person and personality of Muhammad Ali and the heights he ascended.

Muhammad Ali never apologised for being what he was. Instead he championed for his beliefs and triumphed. He believed he was the champion and he became the champion in every sphere of his national and international life.  It is such a personality that deserves true love and respect. He was a lone revolutionist who achieved his giant goals in spectacular manners.  And not a drop of blood was shed in the process. No colleague or foe died in his fights for social, religious and civil rights. He personally  paid high costs but to him it was all investment for the greater good of Humanity. And as always he proved to be right.

The greatest of the great, the most authentic champion has proved that nothing is " impossible" if you have the courage and faith of Muhammad Ali.

Hail to such a great Soul of Humanity! Great Life. Great Shine. The Greatest of the Great!

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