Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tax Reform Bill, 2016 -

Congratulations to the Finance Minister and the officials of Finance Ministry on getting the annual budget and tax reform bill passed. I would like to interpret the few no votes as supporting the richer class against mineral tax increase rather than being against lower income bracket tax relief in raising minimum PIT exemption limit.

Sorry about Shemgang getting less budget. It is one of the poorest Dzongkhag. Hope Government will consider more in the next turn.

With this tax reform the Cabinet has not just fulfilled their Party's election commitment but has thankfully taken a giant step in providing the much needed relief to the lower income group whether a salaried person or a small shop owner. From providing 100 electricity units free in rural region to this tax relief that will cater mainly to urban low incomers the Government has provided economic relief to the grassroot masses. It is one effective path to bridging the widening gap between poor and rich.

I am in no position to speak on behalf of anyone. But I feel that there would be many who would be thankful for this parity deed of the Government. Thank you.  

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