Saturday, September 10, 2016

By Election or Bye Election whichever and whatever.

It is political sunshine time for Taba. The candidates of the two Political Parties are both from Taba. Tshering of PDP and Chencho of DPT. And if you combine their names it is Chencho Tshering who might someday represent from Paro Shaba. Just a humour to ponder nothing serious.

Talking of seriousness, Thimphu the Capital has not taken PDP seriously in the last 2 General Elections. And now DPT has also amply proved that it cannot be taken seriously by north Thimphu voters.

This constituency bye election has far reaching implications. I wonder how the two vying  Political Parties are viewing this contest?  In north Thimphu constituency bye election, we will find out,  how fares Bhutan in 2018 Politics.  

This is a by-election only in name. It is a national battle that will indicate the winner of 2018 political war. PDP has every chance of making a success in this bye election. Both the Prime Minister and Finance Minister have strong residential roots in north Thimphu constituency. In addition the former PDP Foreign Minister Lyonpo Rinzin Dorji has wide family roots in the same constituency. Then there is the unmistakable advantage of being the Political Party in reign.

On the other hand, DPT Party is in the  Opposition seat and their MP of north Thimphu recently dumped the same constituency opting for personal gains.  And worse, it seems that the Party is not in lively communications with its former Party candidates and former MPs let alone grassroot voters and registered supporters. So it is not at all an ideal situation for DPT to face a by- election at this particular juncture. 

Against this political scenario, if PDP loses this by-election, it could very well be goodbye 2018. This is also the time to witness how fragile or tenacious DPT is as a Political Party. And this is also an election that holds equal stakes for non participating Political Parties of Bhutan. Do they or any other new Political Party have a chance to dislodge the two main existing  Parties in 2018?

The result of Bye Election will hinge upon the  Party stalwarts who may or may not join the campaign to support the candidate of their Party. Both the Political Parties have their aces who can work the magic charm today and in 2018. And it all depends on how the active  Party top brasses have positioned themselves  and how the inner Party  working setup has been managed( exclusively or inclusively) during the last 3 years.

There can be decisive impacts from the former Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley and the former Minister Sangay Ngedup the two Founding Presidents of the two main Political Parties. Whether they still are technically Party members or not, they are respected founding fathers who command wide political influence or public sway. So even a photo opportunity with their Party Founder would prove to be the magic wand to capture the votes for the candidates.

Good Luck to Taba Tshering and Taba Chencho. Either way Taba will surely win.  Sweet deals Taabas !

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