Thursday, September 15, 2016

Politics in Bhutan is more than unpredictable. It is becoming strangely alien democracy

Recently on 10th September, I blogged on north Thimphu bye election and said that we would see what would be there in 2018. But now this sudden resignation of DPT candidate Chencho has brought forward 2018 scenario to 2016. I feel sorry that this is happening.

I do not know either of the  two candidates of the  opposing Political Parties but anyone who knew the DPT fellow " would they  ever have expected the candidate to withdraw so soon after earnestly seeking the Party ticket and getting it?" I am told that there was quite a competition for the Party Ticket. .

Is this Chencho fellow immature or of dubious character or simply spineless in face of possible defeat or whatever threat and sweetener ? Or was the DPT candidate a " gomchen" in previous life, I just wonder.  ( gomchens are not allowed participation in politics). So I am made to presume that strange politics have taken  hold of the nation. Now, national politics is  a real "SUSPENSE".

However, on the International Front, a suspense has been removed today. On 6th September, I blogged on China and G-20 Summit. And said that American and Japanese pressures on British Prime Minister to dump China on nuclear deal seemed to have failed. Today Prime Minister May of Britain  approved the French, Chinese and Britisn nuclear project of $ 25 billion.


  1. In a way this is good sir. We don't need this kind of ballless people in politics. Bhutanese parliament is already filled with people who have no idea what the hell they are doing there. We cannot afford one more such clown.

  2. We have to know all the relatives of Chencho to understand it la..