Monday, September 19, 2016

Who is really sponsoring terrorist attacks and to what end? India points at Pakistan and Pakistan points at India.

From attacks at Parliament in Delhi to Mumbai attacks, the terrorists from Pakistan have been blamed. Whether Pakistan Government intelligence agencies or Pakistan Army are or are not behind such heinous attacks against soft targets in India cannot be determined with 100% certainty. That is because Pakistan not only denies involment but also refutes evidences presented by Indian agencies. Many countries condemn such attacks but no third nation or intelligence agency stepped forward to directly blame Pakistan Government or Pakistan Army for the Pathankot or Uri attacks.

There are terror groups both in Pakistan and India and both nations have themselves been victims of home grown terror groups. Are the two nations using terror groups to achieve their political objectives  both at home and against each other? 

Afghanistan, India and even United States have at one point or another have accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorists attacks in the past. As for India, till now only Pakistan has accused her of terror attacks. However, now there has appeared a tacit public admission that India  is not totally innocent. A former Indian Chief of Staff has called for creation of Sucide Squads.  The senior General would not have  publicly called  for such a drastic state sponsored terrorism organization if such is not already in existence. And no official entity is ridiculing his call.  

This year terrorists have been blamed for two daring attacks. One against heavily fortified Pathankot air base of Indian Air Force in Punjab sector facing Pakistan. The other being the more recent attack carried out on the said to be heavily fortified Indian Army Base at Uri in Kashmir sector. India has blamed Pakistan for these attacks. And the evidence they cite is that the equipments and other materials used in the attack have " Pakistan markings".

On the Pakistan side, they express their disbelief in terrorists having the capabilities to execute such attacks against heavily fortified and sensitised Indian defence establishments without some sort of Indian Government/ intelligence agencies' connivance. 

There are several serious thought provoking matters regarding the Uri attack that killed 17 soldiers and gravrly injuring over 30 ( death toll could increase).

1. Would a terrorist attack sponsor ( if Pakistan) so willingly show its involvement by providing equipments and other materials with " Pakistan markings". It should be possible to arrange equipments and materials from other sources.

2. Why the attack now just when General Assembly of United Nations is about to begin? India is at a very defensive position in the international political arena due to her heavy handed use of military force in Jammu  Kashmir state. So many civilians have been killed and the state has been under military seizure for over 2 months and no end in sight. The latest attack on Indian Army Uri Base shifts the villian spotlight away from India to terrorists whether Pakistan sponsored or otherwise. The aggressive Indian Army in Kashmir is made to appear the victim. 

3. How could Indian Defence Forces be so weak and helpless that even its most sensitised and fortified Army and Air Force Bases at the  Line of Control be so easily infiltrated and successfully terror struck by terrorists even " Pakistan sponsored"?

4. Pakistan is declared to be number one enemy of India and yet India appeared so ill prepared at both Pathankot and Uri. How is that possible? And if outside sponsored terrorists have been able to carry out such terror attacks inside highly fortified prime military establishments, shouldn't those in command be held responsible. Till now no Indian Defence Minister, Chief of Army or Officer-in- Command of such terror struck defence establishments have been publicly held accountable for military humiliations.   And most strangely the Defence Minister of India has been silent on the Uri attack while the Home Minister and Finace Minister have been publicly vocal. 

Prime  Minister Modi said that the " perpetrators will not  go unpunished". The Home Minister said " Pakistan should be identified and isolated". And the Finance Minister said it was an  " act of cowardice".  The Indian Army spokesman stated that the equipments and other materials had " Pakistan marking". Indian Media thinks that these are very strong statements. But such statements have been oft stated in the past and are very general in nature.

Pakistan Government and the Army flatly denies their involvement and in fact seems to be accusing India of staging. 

Other nations including United States and United Kingdom condemned the Uri terrorist attack but not Pakistan. As usual there will be fire works between India and Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly. One thing for sure is that Jammu Kashmir is becoming an international issue. And many lives including that of soldiers are being unnecessarily lost and families so sadly bereaved. RIP. 

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