Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sorry Bhutan! Bhutan chickens out from SAARC Summit in Pakistan.

Sorry Bhutan!  Bhutan chickens out from November SAARC Summit in Pakistan.

India has her stated public reason. And Bangladesh too had prior grievances and Afghanistan have Taliban based grievance with Pakistan.

The Kingdom of Bhutan never had substantial differences with Pakistan or any other SAARC member nations. It is simply a uniniatiative  decision to comply with India's dictate. Bhutan had one unique opportunity to save SAARC and enhance her own  regional constructive image. Bhutan should have publicly first called upon all members to postphone the SAARC Summit.

Not attending is not at all excusable. Bhutan simply became a self condemned Indian- slave- State overnight with this rediculous boycotting of the SAARC Summit.

The decision to start the winding up of SAARC does no good to Bhutan or to India. For India, she lost her own regional base in international politics. And for Bhutan, she had closed down one important regional legacy of the Fourth King and worse,  displayed humiliating leadership as a nation and as a regional member. 

SAARC without Pakistan cannot be a respected Regional Body. All others only kowtow India. It is at SAARC where India can get her international objectives enhanced and earn some recognition of the world as the Chief architect of an important region. And the fact Pakistan is part of SAARC makes India look more influential.

India may be feeling that SAARC usefulness is nearing the end for India. China has been pushing for membership and how long could India stave it off. And once China joins then one nation SAARC control goes out of Indian hand. So might as well wind it up at this time?

How could India be so insecure with so much resources in land mass and population volume? Pakustan can be embarrassed by this boycott but that nation cannot be isolated or bullied by SAARC collectively or individually by India. Nothing is gained by this boycott.

India could have still retained her big brother status at Islamabad Summit. Uri was humiliating.  So were Pathankot and Mumbai. India just have to buck up as a nation and overcome the low morale of the navy, air force  and army. The enemy is not Pakistan or Terrorists. Real weakness is civilian authorities attitude towards Defence Forces. Why compel the Defence Forces to beg for better pension and equal pay?

Indian media thinks that this boycott has isolated Pakistan. Well,  if Pakistan is isolated with three members teaming up with India  then is India also isolated since  the other three members have teamed up with Pakistan?

No one nation has come off better in this unfortunate internal regional tussle. Really wish giant India had not brought this bilateral difference with Pakistan into this regional body.


  1. By boycotting the SAARC submit it clearly indicate our country still under the guidance of India on External Affairs.

  2. It is unwelcoming to see India Pakistan bilateral issues destroying SAARC, its relation and its functioning. And Bhutan also withdrawing without having any issues n reasons with Pakistan. India created BBIN to isolate Pakistan and Bhutan also joined in despite seeing more disadvantages than benefits. Now China who wants to join SAARC since long time back and who was observer till now should now join, revive and lead the SAARC forward.

  3. In the big scheme of things whether Bhutan boycott SAARC or not is irrelevant. SARRC is just a talking shop that makes India feels like it is a big frog in a small pond. Bhutan should not even be a part of SAARC. Had it not for the fact that there was once a British empire in South Asia bumping into the kingdom of Bhutan, Bhutan would not have been lumped into South Asia in the first place. Historically, racially, ethnically, culturally, religiously, linguistically Bhutan has nothing to do with South Asia. Bhutan should be part of East Asia. A Bhutanese wearing a T shirt and jean walking in the street of Tokyo will blend in without catching anyone's notice. The same person doing the same thing in old Delhi probably will risk being called racial slur or worse get beaten up.

    1. For Mantou- t is a " regional association" and so geographical position matters. Not race, culture or religion.

  4. Yes, it was uncalled for Bhutan to withdraw from the summit. It surely doesn't have issues with Pakistan. Jumping quickly in support of Indian stand shows how much is controlled by big brother.

    1. Bhutan being cowardice and protectorate of India, if not support than it may stop all the supplies of oil,ration etc and may torture like Nepal.

  5. This is a proof that Bhutan's foreign policy is directly controlled by the Indian govt. Sad that our leaders cannot stand up to Indian dictates in the interest of our nation's soverignty.