Tuesday, September 6, 2016

China after G- 20 Summit.

The Summit was held in Chinese city of Hangzhou. And if you have been listening to BBC and CNN people, all you would recollect would be the disparaging remarks and conclusions of the western media people. They said nothing important gets done in such meetings.

The western  news channels were in their own way most frustrated. At G- 20 Summit in China, the foreign  journalists got no special  treatment. And worse they were not really briefed on what really went on at  one to one talks between leaders. So though they know a lot had to be achieved during such gatherings yet they as news channels did not have much to report. The world leaders are wary of their media distorting everything to excite their audience.

The G-20 Summit confirmed the crucial role of China at the world order.

1. China and United States made a joint statement to ratify the Climate Change Agreement.

2. Turkey which had been jolted by the attempted coup leaned towards China and Russia. 

3. Britain was coerced by United States and Japan to deny Chinese involvement in the nuclear energy projects but Prime  Minister May refused to buckle. She deferred her decision on the nuclear investments but confirmed that her government wanted to take relation with China forward. It is clear that the joint trio nuclear project of France, China and Britain will take off by end of this month.

4. United States has been encouraging Philippines to resist China on the South China Sea issues. Unfortunately, things went haywire and Obama ended up cancelling a pre-scheduled meeting at Loas with the President of Philippine. They may still meet but the antagonism has become public.

5. Philippine may not be prepared to throw off the red dragon. But to placate America, Philippine maybe prepared to agree to an increase in  American naval base.

6. The young Prime Minister of Canada publicly critised China on human rights records.  And then to the chagrin of United States,  signed up to Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank spearheaded by China. AIIB is Chinese equivalent of World Bank spearheaded by China.

7. China and Russia had the meeting of minds on the issues of Middle East especially Syria. But United States and Russia could not make much headway in their talks on how to go about the wars in Syria.

8. India and United States signed a logistic agreement to assure the service of their defence facilities to each other's forces. And Prime Minister Modi signed a $500million aid to Vietnam to buy armaments and United States is giving Loas $90 million to destroy US bombs dropped on Loas decades back and still lying unexploded.  In other words India and United States are propping up the immediate neighbours of China. But nothing really much can console either United States and India. It is not in the national interests of Vietnam and Loas to be anti China.

9. Pakistan is so crucial to United States and India in their quest to contain China policy and the war in Afghanistan.   And here both are badly disconnected. The $ 46 billion economic corridor of China and Pakistan that includes Pakistan occupied Kashmir is simply a political tsunami and cannot be resisted. Prime Minister Modi found no softening of Chinese Policy in backing Pakistan. 

10. Iran is partnering with Russia in the Syrian war. And Iran is turning to Chinese investment and technology in revamping her economy that was shredded under many years of sanctions imposed by United States and allies.

11. China did not hesitate to pay off the protocol snuffs of the United States security teams when XI Jinping visited visited America. The missing red carpet for Obama may have been a mishap rather than deliberate plan. But protocol hostility was a payback which even President Obama also acknowledged gamely.


  1. Above all i am bit worried about how far these will going to work in the era of rapid population growth. Just over few years time the world population has multiplied by many folds and i can't imagine the fate of the world. It would ruin into bits and pieces. I know even the best and the super rules in place can't solve this huge problems, i call it a crisis done by human for their development stand without thinking about the dire consequences. I constantly educate my students not the litter the environment through subject matter, Green chemistry but i am unsure how many of them just listen and drive away from another side but for God sake i am doing my level best. I saw this program being telecast on BBC and CNN media channel but i am sure the change would never going to take place. But let best to happen hereon LA...thanks

  2. I am sure the red carpet incident is not a deliberate plan to snub Obama. Western politics has a certain juvenile characteristic to it and Western politicians very often still behaves as if they were in high school. Chinese politicians are much more serious and mature.

  3. AIIB is a chinese equivalent of world bank spearheaded by China not USA

  4. yes LyongoDago AIIB spear headed by China not United States. Typing error and thank you.It has been corrected

  5. yes LyongoDago AIIB spear headed by China not United States. Typing error and thank you.It has been corrected