Saturday, October 22, 2016

A mixed bag of pseudo journalism !

In the last few days, many who is who plus social media watchers in Bhutan are being maliciously bombarded by a trio  and by fb enthusiasts who love sharing everything seemingly  destructive. A sensationalist woman, a disgusting  chameleon foreign character and an anonymous therefore dubious  character  who claims to know all behind the scenes,  are fuelling a non-issue.

This week to my surprise even the Prime Minister had passed his " neutral" views which have been carried over by national paper Kuensel,  on a matter that in my opinion is " a stunt of dark sensation ".  I term it such  because it is an act of desperate nowhere that proves nothing and feeds dark spirits. I did not think this ongoing deserved a mention but now it is official so might as well discuss it for the sensation. 

Namgay Zam seems to have rested from shacha fronting and has directly come out to continue her unfathomable attack upon the Chief Justice. She has written to all MPs and Prime Minister to investigate the Chief Justice. Till date only the PM has reacted.

Looks like the Chief Justice had taken the onus to express his view to a gathering of fellow Justices on  allegations levelled against him in a letter disseminated through  social media by Namgay Zam. That same letter is the basis of an ongoing defamation case at Thimphu Dzongkha Court between three people including Namgay Zam.  And she thinks the Chief Justice was wrong to express his opinion on the allegations she herself had posted in fb. Maybe because the allegations are the crux of ongoing defamation case or she is disappointed that now she cannot say " silence is an admission of guilt" about the Chief Justice.

I feel it is judicially prudent on part of the Chief Justice to make his position clear to fellow Justices about the allegations levelled  at his person. The Chief Justice is the Head of Judiciary and he does owe a clarification to those who look up to him as the epitome of judicial integrity. Simple as that. There are ofcourse so many jurists and lawyers who would have their own takes. I just used ordinary common sense to determine the issue.

The chameleon disruptive foreign  character goes by the name Arora or  Tenzin or whatever he choses at different occassions to call himself.  He has been taking up the cudgel for Namgay Zam since the beginning.

The involvement of a foreign sympathiser is a worrisome angle. Now who is backing or paying that foreign mouth piece who foul mouths Bhutanese institutions? Maybe he is just fighting for his bread with spicy sour stories on Bhutan. Possibly an attempt to instigate social distrust.

Then there is an anonymous character who goes by " sergi dawa ". This anonymous character whose tale was shared by Namgay Zam in her fb post,  alleges that a Dasho but "  not a red scarf " within the Judiciary is teaming up with Namgay Zam. A Dasho but not a red scarf seems to be  be an allegation directed against a Drangpon because he states that Dasho is " a senior lawyer". Further he alleges that the same Dasho drafted the letter that Namgay Zam circulated in her name? A rather serious charge of perjury, I feel.

Namgay Zam has dared the anonymous to come out in the public. There I support her. Reading through his spicy tale reminded me of The Bhutanese the  News Paper that somehow managed to get first hand sensational happenings over the last several years. Turned out to be true though at times seemed politically designed.  However,  credibility of sergi dawa is largely undermind by the nature of anonymity. There is always something shady, something fictitious and malignant motive woven into anonymous characters. I do not think sergi dawa will surface in the open or the name of the " senior lawyer " revealed. So no defamation case here.

We should refrain from feeding the dark hungry spirits  of human nature. Such could lead to more undesirable and unfathomable consequences to both the guilty and the innocent. It is like undressing in a glass pavilion. One ends up  exposing  more than intended about oneself. 

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