Sunday, October 16, 2016

India and Pakistan versus BRIC and BIMSTEC Countries.

An interesting political meet is happening in Goa, India. India is hosting BRICS Summit and at the same time,  there is an outreach to other members of BIMSTEC Countries. In so doing, host India is playing her game of isolating Pakistan. China and Russia would not at all mind playing along  with India and thus BIMSTEC. Pakistan may not be involved but Bay of Bengal is strategically crucial to both China and Russia. The irony, maybe,  United States could be more aggrieved than Pakistan with India playing the BIMSTEC card. 

BRICS is mainly an economic pact. However, India being the host and chairmperson have included terrorism a part of the agenda on the justification that terror is direct threat to economic prosperity. Indian Media likes to make out as if the main BRICS Summit agenda is terrorism. But it is not so. Terror is just one of the  5 or so topics. And though the Indian  media points at Pakistan, during the Summit even Prime Minister Modi could not mention Pakistan by name whilst talking of terrorism. He said " mother of terrorism " on the sideline. Now " mother of terrorism "  can mean different countries or organizations to different members of BRICS. 

India may term Pakistan as mother of terror. And Pakistan may term India as mother of regional hegemony. However, the members of BRICS or BIMSTEC or SAARC would have their own internal thoughts on India and Pakistan.

Since the humiliating attack at Uri, India has upped her tempo to condemn and isolate Pakistan. However, India is in a very dicey position. URI is in India occupied Kashmir in the view of Pakistan and maybe some other greater powers in the world. Terrorism that India is grieving about are incidents that occur in Kashmir occupied by Pakistan and India. And India has always maintained that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between Pakistan and India. Not an issue to be discussed at United Nations or involve any third Country. Therefore,  how can India succeed in isolating Pakistan at international level on an issue  about Kashmir that India does not want other Countries or Agencies to get involved?

Prime Minister Modi is a shrewd political leader. In a way he is to BJP what Trump is to Republican. The old guards had to be pushed aside for Modi to assume leadership. He understands that this life long feud between Pakistan and India is only weakening the two nations and adversely affecting their regional and  international clouts. But for the time being he has to play the populist drama of making a wave to crush the international goodwill for Pakistan. It cannot succeed but the Indian public would be satisfied. And politics is politics. 


  1. Indian can Rise their heads only in the front of SAARC countries, in international level nothing then toilet cleaner.

  2. India has made it very clear that they don't want the international community to bracket it with Pakistan. They want to be perceived as a great power and de-hyphenated from the India-Pakistan rivalry. Yet time and again it is India which bracket itself with Pakistan.

  3. Why our Bhutanese Leaders were not addressing the kidnapping, rioting and human trafficking which are happening across the border in such a important forums? Was Leader doesn't have a capacity or find safe to be protectorate of Indian Government?